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Our COVID-19 Journey So Far

When we first heard about the novel coronavirus in December 2019, we didn’t realise the impact it would have on our lives. Fast forward 6 months, the world as we know it has been turned upside down and we have had to do a complete rehaul of our service business as the world went online.

Unlock Your Body’s True Potential with GYROKINESIS with Thicha

This week, we sit down with Breathe Education Director and the Master of Mobility, Thicha to discuss the life-changing benefits that Mobility and Gyrokinesis classes can do for your body and mind.

Movement Heals, Clinical Pilates with Rohini

This week, we sit down with Rohini to discuss the wonders of Clinical Pilates, the types of clients she sees, and her favorite client success story.

Pregnancy, Labour and Postpartum Care During COVID – 19

Having a child can be a period of mixed emotions. It can be joyful and exciting yet stressful and worrisome all at the same time. The pandemic has also been a source of uncertainty for new and expectant mothers. On top of the normal anxieties of pregnancy and parenthood, some now grapple with the fear of the virus, disrupted caregiver options and constantly changing guidelines.

The purpose of this event is to address common confliction information we hear about pregnancy, labour and postpartum care. We hope this webinar will empower pregnant women to make informed choices in the care of themselves and their babies.

Instructor Spotlight : Sandra Lim

This month we get to know the lovely Sandra Lim; a plant-based chef, an adrenaline junkie and animal lover – we take 5 mins to get to know her and what she’s up to during this period.

Gardening 101 with Deborah

One of the top trends globally during this Coronavirus period has been gardening. This week, we sat down with Deborah, who started gardening a year ago, to find out more about it.

Circuit Breaker | Inspiration From Our Instructors

We’re almost halfway through our “circuit breaker” lock-down, and not only are we spending more time at home but our homes have been transformed from a place of relaxation to a multi-purpose space that doubles as our office, school, gym, restaurant, and bar!

This has also been a time to pick up a new hobby, or declutter (Marie Kondo style) and spend time connecting with loved ones which may have not been so easy to do before. This week, we catch up with our Instructors to find out what creative projects and activities they are up to during this time!

Home-Schooling Top Tips with SK

As Singapore shuts schools temporarily to stem the spread of coronavirus, families are now essentially home-schooling their children. This week, super mom SK shares her top tips on how to manage this new way of educating your children at home.

COVID-19 Health and Safety Notice

After the latest news and discussion with team and clients, we have decided to update our policy regarding attendance at Breathe Pilates with immediate effect.