Recipes By Charlotte Mei

This Mother’s Day, Nutritionist Charlotte Mei revisits her childhood memories with a delicious dish her mother would cook as a labour of love for her. Adding her own spin to it, Charlotte shares one of her all-time favorite recipes, in the hope to evoke feelings of nostalgia for you and your loved ones! We all know nothing warms our hearts more than a home-cooked meal made with love.

Happy Mother’s Day to all our strong, amazing and beautiful mamas!

Live A More Sustainable Life With Charlotte Mei

You have most likely read or heard about ‘sustainability’ in news articles, advertisements, and even conversations with family and friends these days, but what does it really mean?

It’s a means to live in a way where we are conscious of the impact of our actions, and to be mindful that our way of living is not costing Mother Earth a healthy future. It may sound like a daunting subject to tackle (`climate fatigue’ exists!), but we all have a part to play, and can – with collective action – lessen the effects of the climate crisis. 

TV Host, Sustainability Advocate and Nutritionist, Charlotte Mei shares her top tips on how to become more sustainable and help lower the carbon footprint. 

How To Work Out During Ramadan

Ramadan is fast approaching and it’s important to look after yourself and stay healthy during this holy period. With no food for 12 – 14 hours and no drinks (including water), you’re probably wondering if you can work out, where will your energy sources come from, and if your body is going to significantly change. If you’re fasting for Ramadan or fasting as part of your diet, we’ve put together an excellent guide on how to work out during your fast.

Client-Stories Meet Jeanne

This International Women’s Day, we chat with Jeanne Samuel who’s survived cervical cancer, how she coped, and shares how she overcame the experience.

Client Stories – Meet Michelle

As part of International Women’s Day, we chat with clients who have an inspiring story to tell. This week, we speak to the lovely Michelle, CEO of Insight Asset management on how she started her own firm!

A Socially-Distanced Valentine’s Day Celebration at Home

Just in case January zoomed right by for you (as it did for me), here’s a reminder that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!

Whether or not you celebrate it, it’s always a good time to express your love and gratitude to the special people in your life! As a nation of food lovers, why not use this opportunity to cook up something delicious for your loved one (or ones)!

Here’s a super easy recipe that you can whip up in a jiffy at home. All you need is a large pot and an oven (a small toaster oven would work fine for this too!). Not only is this dish easy to put together, it is also delicious and is packed full of protein and omega-3 fats.

Meet New Instructor, Bhakti

As a licensed physiotherapist, Bhakti practiced acute care in India for 7+ years. During this time, she was first introduced to Mat Rehab Pilates. After the birth of her son, Bhakti took a sabbatical to spend time with him. She took postnatal pilates classes and gained back her core strength and regained control of her body. Her personal journey led her to become a certified instructor in Mat and Reformer Pilates! 

Now a Breathe Pilates Instructor, we get to know more about Bhakti this week as we find out more about her Pilates journey, mom life and what to expect from her sessions!
This week, we get to know our new Instructor, how her Pilates journey started, her favourite travel destination, and what we can expect from her classes!

Debunking Detox Myths

It’s that time of the year for the ‘New Year New Me’ plans! Our diets go through a major overhaul, we sign up for new gym passes, we sign up for a ‘detox’ plan and “I’m on my way to get fit and healthy!” In this article, Nutritionist, media personality, a self-taught cook, and an all-round advocate of sustainable living, Charlotte Mei discusses the concept of detox and shares her favourite vitamin-boost Mint Cooler recipe!

Teacher Training in 2020 with Thicha

As we wrap up this turbulent year, we reflect on how this pandemic affected our community. Not only did studio closures affect our group classes and privates but also our teacher training courses. As a leading teacher training center, that has built a reputation for growing quality Instructors, Thicha was not going to let that stop her. This week, we chat with our Eduction Director and Lead instructor Trainer on her experience on taking her these intensive and usually studio-based training courses, online!