The Garuda Method

With new fitness trends popping up every day, there’s no lack of options to stay active in Singapore. While Pilates and GYROTONIC continue to rise in popularity, new variations of the classics are also picking up momentum in Singapore’s fitness scene.

Enter The Garuda Method; an all-in-one fitness program that encompasses the principles of Pilates, the breathwork of yoga plus the grace and athleticism of dance.

In this article, Dorothy discusses why Pilates buffs should be obsessed with this new workout!

Breast Cancer Awareness

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, an annual campaign that helps to drive awareness of the disease that impacts 2.1 million women each year. In order to improve breast cancer outcomes and survival, early detection is critical so we urge you to take charge of your health and go for regular screenings. Early Detection Saves Lives.

This month we speak with Breathe Client and Founder of Breathe Essentials Co, Charlene Koh who shares with us her story on her diagnosis, how her lifestyle has changed, and life after fighting the cancer.

Client Stories – Elaine

This month, we chat with Pilates and Mobility fan Elaine on her COVID-19 journey. We find out what her routine was like pre-pandemic, her experience through circuit breaker and what she’s learned so far in 2020.

Breathe Training Program

When researching for a pilates studio, we often see the phrase “quality instructors”. We realised that most studios use the word “quality” but  what exactly constitutes a quality instructor or studio and how does a studio define quality?

This week, we talk to Co-Owner Dennis and Breathe Education Director, Thicha on how Breathe has built a reputation within the industry as a quality pilates studio and the journey it took to get there. 

Why Mobility Matters

At Breathe Pilates, we believe that everyone is entitled to the freedom movement and to empower every individual to create a life of vitality and mobility. The ability to move freely and with ease as well as combat poor habitual patterns – such as excessive sitting, standing or repetitive movements and to function with diminished risk of injury and pain is essential to one’s quality of life. Breathe Pilates have launched Singapore’s first Mobility class, designed and curated by STOTT Pilates Lead IT and Breathe’s Education Director, Thicha Srivisal.

Instructor Spotlight – Meet Fiona!

This month, we welcome our newest Instructor to the Breathe family, Fiona. Fiona has a keen interest in clients requiring rehabilitation, especially back related issues. And being a mum herself, both pre/post-partum programs, which have kept her supple yet strong throughout and after her pregnancy.

Q&A with Studio Manager, Zurina!

This month, we are excited to sit down with our lovely Studio Manager, Zurina Bryant. As the life and soul of the studio and the Queen of getting stuff done, we get to know more about her, what her role is like and get the gossip on the goings-on in the studio!

Lower Back & Hip Pain

Lower back and hip pain is extremely common. For some of us, lower back pain could be a simple ache that improves quickly. However, for others, it can be a much longer-term problem. These range from simple stiffness due to poor posture to more serious conditions like herniated discs and sciatica. In this series, we begin to explain the most common causes of lower back and hip pain and over the next few weeks, we will publish exercises and self-massage technique videos to help relieve that tension so you can stand tall and pain-free!

Instructor Spotlight – Mari Tang

his month, we speak with Mari. As we celebrate her promotion to Senior Instructor – we delve deeper to speak more of her Pilates journey, her favourite fashion and wellness rituals and hobbies outside of Pilates.