Why Breathe Pilates Postnatal Classes work

Why Breathe Pilates Postnatal Classes work

Want to know how postnatal pilates can help with postpartum recovery? Commit to reconnecting with your body with the post-natal recovery experts at Breathe Pilates. 

At Breathe Pilates, we are delighted to announce that we have launched our Postnatal Series. Our team has created a Pilates-At-Home video tutorial series for new mums who are looking to get back into shape.

The video series consists of five exercise videos created by Breathe Pilates’ postpartum movement specialist, SK, and five videos by a physiotherapist Sylvia from Core Concepts who will explain why these exercises are necessary for postpartum recovery. This means you can just pop it on whenever you’ve got free time!

Why Pilates Is Perfect For New Mums

During pregnancy, your body will go through so many changes, including a stretched pelvic floor and stretched abdominal muscles, which can result in pathological conditions such as pelvic organ prolapse and diastasis recti. These stretched muscles will feel weaker after childbirth — and depending on the type of delivery, the nerves surrounding these muscles may take longer to work, too. This is why postnatal pilates is necessary — it helps activate and heal the affected muscles, while giving your spine as much support as possible.

Begin your post-partum recovery today and sign up for the Breathe Pilates Post-Natal Programe At Home Series 

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