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We’re almost halfway through our “circuit breaker” lock-down, and not only are we spending more time at home but our homes have been transformed from a place of relaxation to a multi-purpose space that doubles as our office, school, gym, restaurant, and bar!

This has also been a time to pick up a new hobby, or declutter (Marie Kondo style) and spend time connecting with loved ones which may have not been so easy to do before. This week, we catch up with our Instructors to find out what creative projects and activities they are up to during this time!

“I have taken up gardening. I used to be Singapore’s no 1 plant killer but I think I have improved a bit. My favourites are my bb kokedama (as you can see hanging on my aerial hooks haha!) and my bird’s nest fern.” – Cynthia


Bird’s Nest Fern

“I’m a geek. I’m actually catching up on the movement/anatomy courses I planned to take but didn’t come to pass because of the cancellations, and revising the courses I previously took. When I was busy teaching, I didn’t have much time to revise the courses I took, so new knowledge is often lost.
I am also decluttering my house (slowly but surely) which I didn’t have much time to do previously. We’re also baking/cooking more and experimenting with new recipes. We’ve always done it, just more now because we’re home everyday. We kept a ham bone since Christmas (vacuumed and frozen) and now finally made a pea soup with it last night.” – Dorothy

“I have started virtual exotic chair dance classes! It’s something I never thought I would do but somehow during this period, it has pushed me to venture beyond my comfort zone. I’m really enjoying the new challenges that come with learning this new skillset! The journey has only just started and I feel like a sack of potatoes rolling around but hey, it can only get better! Watch out!” – Sandra

“I’m in the midst of moving home so I’ve been focused on packing / unpacking. I’m teaching more online which is challenging but fun!” – Nicole

“I have been reading a lot more and deep-cleaning my room. I am currently reading Atomic Habits by James Clear” – Alicia

“I make sure I have a run in the park by 7AM and then I practise Pilates and weight train in the evenings. Inbetween supervising the kids, I review my workshops that I previously attended, cook and play the piano at night” – Daisy

Dorothy’s Protein Granola (without oats)

Alicia’s Book

“I have been teaching my kids how to cook and Pilates! We’re also watching the Marvel series (did you know there are 27 movies!) and playing a board game each day” – Zurina

“I’m continuing my knee rehabilitation exercises (I’m 6 months in!). I am mostly glued on Netlflix (without chill haha) and since I can’t cook I am a regular on the food delivery apps”  – Sash

“I watch a lot of exercise videos and I have intensified my training regime, I now train 30-60 mins every day. I’m also decluttering which is something that I usually do every 3 months. ” – Rachel 

“I’ve been looking into free web courses for interior design, as well as organise the apartment from floor to ceiling.  I’m also using this time to study and practice for my upcoming STOTT Pilates exam. I speak to my family every day and go for walks with my husband (off peak of course). I’ve also been reading and doing jigsaw puzzles non stop!” – Denise

“I have been trying our online Breathe Pilates classes. And of course, I’ve been cooking! Check out my Instagram Page here” – Gemhl

Cod Fish Porridge

Leicha Rice with Tofu

We’re almost at the finish line and we believe that you should use this time to focus on your health and be the BEST version of YOU. Feeling the slump? Check out last week’s article on How To Stay Active During Lockdown by Deborah Wong where she shares her tips on moving forward.  This is a great time to focus on MAINTAINING your body, your health, and your habits. This way, you can STILL progress as soon as you regain access to groceries, the gym, or being able to go outdoors.

If you go backwards, you’re going to need to waste time catching up again… Why waste that time when you could be moving forwards instead? What other opportunity do we usually get to have this much spare time on our hands? Use the time wisely and commit to your health goals and enjoy past-time hobbies or learn a new skill. You won’t regret it!

How can I stay active during quarantine/lockdown?

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