Wellness Retreats – 5 Reasons why Kerstin would recommend it to you!

Work, Traffic, Food, Weather, Family, Emotional trauma. Just to name a few of the things that affect our wellbeing everyday – both mental and physical. Instructor Kerstin is a regular wellness retreat has just the perfect getaway for you, and here are 5 great reasons she would recommend everyone to try a detox retreat.

  1. Customized Retreats

“I was developing an increasing food intolerance. Wanted to do a full detox, clean the intestines and also a colon cleanse.”

There are many different reasons why people attend wellness retreats, however it doesn’t mean that you have to attend it alone. While Kerstin chose the Detox program with the Raw Vegetarian diet, her husband chose the Stress Management program with the regular diet. There are also Yoga and Pilates bootcamps, Weight Loss program and many others. You can also choose the duration of the retreat. “I was there for a 7 days 8 nights stay, but I did meet a guy who started off with a 10 day program and extended it to 2 weeks in the end”

2. Good opportunity to get rid of bad habits

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Many of us know it, but don’t practice it. This is just one of the good habits that the wellness retreats cultivates. “By 8pm or 9pm, everything is shut down, and there’s nothing else to do. You get an undisrupted rest, and it starts early the following day”

On top of that, there is no coffee, alcohol or cigarettes available for participants (except for the bootcamps – coffee is allowed)

3. Clean Eating

“On the evening that you get there, you are given a liver cleanse juice (with lots of ginger), and 2 tablets of laxatives. In the morning, you get to pick a juice from 8-10 different varieties, followed by detox massages which flushes out all liquid toxins from the body.” They then prepare light lunches and dinners depending on what type of diet you chose. “I chose raw vegetarian, but it doesn’t mean just salads all day. There are wraps, spring rolls etc and you don’t get sick of eating it all day.

I did a test last year, and the cholesterol level is really high – it’s genetic. I did a (blood) test before and after the retreat, and before I went, it was immensely high, and after it was down to normal. Even my doctor couldn’t believe it. Its really down to these really healthy meals.

4. Stress-free Environment

A regular schedule for Kerstin everyday was


Detox Massage

Free Time



Free Time


“There are Yoga and Pilates sessions throughout the day, with pool and gym facilities too” You just go, relax, destress and eat good food.

5. Continue feeling good months after the retreat

These wellness retreats are a great way to destress, relax, but more importantly, an opportunity to start change your daily habits to live a happier and healthier life. “I asked for the recipes, and am still doing these meals at home..this is the 3rd time doing it, 1st 2 times, I felt really good for a few months after the program, it really depends on how you integrate the new diet into your daily life once you’re back from the retreat.”


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