The GARUDA Method

The GARUDA Method

9 月 22, 2021

The Garuda Method: Improve your flexibility and strength with this new hybrid training style

Garuda Method

Looking to switch up your fitness routine? Enter the Garuda Method, one of the newest fitness workouts in Singapore to help you improve your strength, flexibility and co-ordination. Founded in London in 2000, it takes its name after the Hindu and Buddhist mythological bird that can change shape according to its function, and is a style of training that was developed to improve your strength and flexibility while helping to create long, lean and athletic muscles.

In this video, Garuda Guru Dorothy demonstrates why Pilates buffs should be obsessed with this new workout!

The philosophy behind Garuda focuses on breath, rhythm, flow and the idea of relaxation within movement. The resulting exercise regime strengthens and tones muscles, develops coordination, increases flexibility, improves structural fitness and promotes a meditative sense of calm.

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