Classes and Prices

Reformer Classes & Prices in Singapore

Here at Breathe, a one-on-one consultation with us or together with our doctors is paramount to customizing the best exercise for you.

You are unique and so are your needs. With a wide variety of classes, we offer the most up to date methods in fitness and rehabilitation for everyone. Whether you choose a private session or group class, you will work on exercises designed for your body’s needs.

Fat Blast

Integrating the Pilates principles of control, balance and posture into a fast-paced, “fat-burning” workout, this group class mixes graceful, ballet-inspired movements with traditional cardio favourites on the reformer while continually emphasising the core-strengthening elements.

Stretch Pilates

Designed to provide a gentle workout while giving you a deep stretch on the reformer, these classes feature a fluid series of stretches, myofascial releases and gentle core-strengthening exercises to reduce body aches and increase flexibility.

Postnatal Pilates 

Postnatal Pilates is a gentle reformer class that aims to help postnatal mums regain core strength, awareness and functionality after birth.

New mums will also work on the upper body and develop shoulder girdle strength as the baby grows. This is a highly recommended developmental program for both the mother and child.

Prenatal Pilates

Experience Singapore’s best prenatal Pilates sessions with our team of experienced Instructors and healthcare professionals. Prenatal Pilates focuses on strengthening the pelvic floor and back muscles to help mothers have a smooth pregnancy, delivery and recovery. Sessions also focus on working on the neck and shoulder stability during pregnancy in preparation for increased upper body strength needed with a newborn.

Our group Prenatal Pilates classes also provide a supportive community for new and experienced mums to share and learn more about the changes in their body during these 9 months.

Reformer and Tower Group

All our combined Pilates Reformer and Tower classes allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds. The reformer can challenge balance, strength and mobility while the tower provides many variations of exercise.

Kept to a maximum of 6 people, our classes are small to ensure attention to detail.

Private Pilates

Available as one-on-one (private) or one-on-two (duet) session, you will utilise the full range of Pilates equipment in an hour-long session with exercises designed to address your specific needs and goals.

Enjoy the flexibility of booking sessions at a time convenient to you as you progress at your own pace at Singapore’s leading Pilates studio.


Using exercises and props, this class is designed to help you develop maximum body control, flexibility and strength throughout your joints’ full range of motion, improving overall joint mobility and longevity.

Created by Breathe Education Director, Thicha Srivisal


GYROTONIC® training is a sequence of circular and fluid exercises that work the entire body system via skeletal, muscular, and cardiovascular stimulation using special and distinctive weight and pulley-based equipment.

The GYROTONIC® training method is a unique and great exercise system that can help maximise the range of motion in your joints, and as a result prevent arthrosis and mobility issues. We are also the first studio to offer Prenatal GYROTONIC® classes in Singapore.

GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® are registered trademarks of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and are used with their permission.

New Clients 3 Private Sessions or
4 Duet Sessions

$363 / $429*

Valid for 2 months

3 Private or 4 Duet Sessions
+ 5 Group Sessions

$611 / $677*

Valid for 3 months

*Session held
by Senior Instructor

Private Sessions Single Private Session

$143 / $165*

10 Private Sessions

$1320 / $1540*

Valid for 5 months

20 Private Sessions

$2420 / $2860*

Valid for 9 months

*Session held
by Senior Instructor

Hybrid Sessions 5 Private and
5 Group sessions

$924 / $1034*

Valid for 5 months

10 Private and
10 Group sessions

$1705 / $1925*

Valid for 9 months

*Session held
by Senior Instructor

Group Sessions Single Group Session


10 Group Sessions


Valid for 5 months

20 Group Sessions


Valid for 9 months

Duet Sessions Single Session

$94 (Per pax) / $116* (Per pax)

10 Sessions

$880 (Per pax) / $1045* (Per pax)

Valid for 5 months


*Session held
by Senior Instructor