Beginners Pilates Classes in Singapore

Pilates is appropriate for people of all ages, sizes, genders, and abilities. With over 600 exercises and variations, a Pilates workout can be tailored to any skill level. It is a low-impact training method that builds the core muscles, aligns the body and prevents future injuries, making it suitable for beginners.

Like all exercises, it is recommended that you do it three-times-per-week. If possible, daily practice can help your body adjust to the demands of a Pilates class – but of course, you can choose to go at your own pace and make an effort to find a rhythm that works for you.

Pilates for beginners may seem difficult at first but as you continue your regular Pilates practice, you will begin to notice your physique changing from one moment to the next. As your self-awareness grows, you will become more in tune with what your body requires and will gain more confidence in what your body is able to achieve.

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