At Breathe, we believe that everyone is entitled to freedom of movement.

Moving well is about having the awareness, strength and flexibility required to control your body in daily activities.

As a MERRITHEW™ Licensed Training Center, Breathe is recognised in Singapore and throughout the region for its quality teaching and Pilates classes in Singapore. With small group classes, experienced instructors with teaching styles from all over the world, and a supporting team of healthcare professionals, experience the best Pilates Singapore has to offer at Breathe.


We offer the most up to date methods in mindful movement.

Adopting a contemporary approach to Pilates, we offer both private sessions and group Pilates classes in Singapore. If you have not had any prior experience in Pilates, we strongly recommend starting with  a few private sessions for movement analysis and customised exercise prescription.

Apart from Pilates, we also offer the GYROTONIC® method, ZEN-GA™ and TRX as part of our rehabilitative and fitness training programmes. With over 70 different types of specialised classes a week, you will be able to find a class that suits your schedule and needs

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An international team of highly qualified Pilates instructors with a wealth of experience.

Passionate about Pilates and movement, our team of dedicated instructors have comprehensive certifications and specialisations in Pilates and other movement modalities and techniques.

They are also constantly involved in continuing education courses to expand their knowledge and keep updated with the latest developments in exercise science. We pride ourselves in offering the best Pilates reformer sessions in Singapore within the best Pilates studio environment.