Breathe Pilates is now a MERRITHEW™ Licenced Training Centre!

We have recently announced that Breathe is now a *MERRITHEW Licenced Training Centre, but what exactly does that mean? Here are some of your FAQs answered!

What is a Licensed Training Centre?

A Licensed Training Centre is a studio that has been selected by MERRITHEW™ to conduct their courses and workshops and are staffed by Certified Instructor Trainers who adhere to MERRITHEW™ high standards of operation This is normally an exclusive partnership between the studio and MERRITHEW

What does it mean for Breathe Pilates to be the Official Licenced Training Centre?

Being the official licenced training centre in Singapore means that people who are interested to become a certified STOTT PILATES ® instructor as well as current certified STOTT PILATES ® instructors will have to do workshops and courses at Breathe. The programming of courses are done by master trainers in Canada and only a selected few who are instructor trainers, like Thicha can conduct these courses. 

MERRITHEW™ has other courses as well such as Core, Total Barre™ and ZEN.GA and we do offer courses for these exercises as well. This helps us to grow, innovate and be the movement specialists we strive to be.

From a Licensee’s point of view, we’re glad that we’ve been recognised by MERRITHEW for our quality and from our company’s point of view,  we get to see first hand the instructors-to-be in training and we then get the chance to offer the best of each course an instructor role at the studio. This is why we can guarantee high quality instructors at Breathe.

We recently had some disruptions at the studio due to the courses you were holding. Is this going to be the norm in the future?

We invite celebrity Master instructors from MERRITHEW™ to come to Singapore once a year to hold workshops for instructors. We try our best to schedule these workshops during the quietest period for the studio but we also understand the need for more space in the future. We are trying our best to ensure each client receives the space and attention needed every session.

Do I have to be an instructor to do the workshops?

No way! You don’t have to be an instructor to do the workshops and everyone is welcome to try out the workshops with us to take your Pilates learning to the next level. Some of the workshops, such as Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training™ and Reformer Workout for Men, are great 2 hour workouts in itself!

How do I go about being an instructor and what is the approximate cost?

For the STOTT PILATES® method, it is broken down via apparatus, there are a total of 10 modules of Level 1 and 2 Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels. You can choose to study only one apparatus or a varying combination of apparatus. To be a fully certified instructor, you will need to complete all 10 modules as well as a module on Injuries and Special Populations.

Each module is approximately 2000 dollars. On top of that, you will need time to practice the exercises, practice teaching the exercises and also observing senior instructors. The whole process can take as long or as fast as you are ready. Thereafter you will need to take a theory and practical exam to obtain certification. If all this sounds confusing, just call, email or pay us a visit to find out more!

*Trademark or registered trademark of Merrithew Corporation, used under license.

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