A family that exercises together, stays together

When families think of “family fun” nowadays, most of the time it means watching TV together on the couch. While it is fun, no doubt, but it allows for little communication with everyone still constantly on their own electronic devices. Why not amp it up a little by doing activities outdoors, sans electronics? Here are some benefits of working out together outdoors.

It lifts everyone’s mood and reduces stress.

Studies have shown that exercising outdoors has a positive impact on one’s well-being as well as lifting people’s moods, and reducing stress. Even things as simple as taking a walk in the nearby park connector de-stresses the mind and gives our minds a much needed break away from artificial lighting that we constantly face.

It provides extra motivation

When physical activities together becomes a common interest, chances are, the next time someone suggests something to do together, it will be some form of exercise, which motivates everyone in the family to indulge in healthier bonding activities!

It’s fun!

Let’s face it, while chips and TV is indeed fun, it does make everyone feel sluggish and even more tired at the end of the day. Exercising outdoors together lets us feel closer to our loved ones, be it practising pilates in a park during a picnic, or competing with each other in a game of football. Start with something simple, and try different things together and you will feel happier, healthier and closer as a family!

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