This month we speak to THICHA, our fabulous Lead Instructor Trainer who doesn’t let anything stop her, not even a torn ligament. Always bubbly and happy, we speak to her about Pilates, her diet and her secret to staying young!

Hi Thicha, congratulations of being named lead instructor trainer for STOTT PILATES(R). How long have you been practising Pilates, how did you get into it and what does being a lead instructor trainer entails?

I started Pilates in 1993 when I was studying in Boston and danced ballet semi-professionally. I had an ankle and spine injuries and my dance director recommended me to do Pilates to help with my rehabilitation.

What’s the process like and how long does instructor trainer training take?

I didn’t start Pilates aiming to be an Instructor trainer (IT). It was my own curiosity about Pilates. I was curious whether pilates could help me with my conditions/injuries.
I got hooked after practicing pilates regularly since then. My friends and dance mates noticed my improvement and ability to get back to dance stronger than before I started pilates. They started asking questions about my program. Organically, I became interested in sharing my knowledge with others. I then started my instructor training courses many years later (2005) so that I could share my knowledge with others more appropriately. I became a fully certified pilates instructor in another contemporary pilates method a year later and started teaching full time since then. I then switched to STOTT PILATES(R) method as I see its benefits and more suitable for me. I did the whole STOTT PILATES certification program and became a fully certified STOTT PILATES instructor in 2009. I have taught full time for many years before I was approached by STOTT PILATES(R) to become an instructor trainer. I love to share the knowledge and love mentoring new instructors as much as teaching clients.

You were once the owner of Breathe Pilates, do you miss anything about running the studio?

I miss working closely with my partner (Sandra Lim) and other instructors as a team. I miss the business development side of it. Though I must admit I don’t miss running the operation at all

What is your favourite Pilates exercise?

Anything to do with inverted position & hanging

You are very fit! Can you tell us what your normal workout routine is like?

I’m more motivated when I vary my own workout program. Generally, I will spend an average 1-2 hours a day to do a workout including ballet classes, yoga and aerial fitness. I do pilates 2-3 times a week now to re-align and re-balance my muscles.

Apart from Pilates, you’re also certified in Barre, Gyrotonic and Yoga as well. What do you think are the main differences between them and how would you incorporate them into a holistic fitness program?

I think having many different exercise modalities adds fun to your program. It also adds different aspects to your workout in which one modality may not be able to provide you fully. I love ballet as its my first love and passion. Ballet barre is a simplified version of a typical classical ballet class. Ballet barre allows more accessible to a general population. You don’t have to be trained classically since young to enjoy a ballet barre class:) GYROTONIC and Yoga are very similar in terms of movement and breath pattern. GYROTONIC uses a pulley tower to add a further resistance. Pilates is more anatomical based. All modalities work well together to create a balanced workout program.

They say abs are made in the kitchen, do share what your eating habits are.

I’m not very strict with my diet. I believe in eating in moderation. I love meat, good quality steak and lamb:)

You travel heaps, what’s your favourite city?

New York City!!!!! The city never sleeps!

What are your Saturday nights like?

Cosy at home with my loving hubby

Anything else you think we should mention?

Exercise keeps you young, mentally and physically (:

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