Circuit Pilates at Camden

Starting from May 2016, we are offering Circuit Pilates at Camden. Our Camden studio is unique as we are working out of a physiotherapy practice which allows us to work more synergistically with the physiotherapists. To maximise the use of space, we are unable to have group Reformer and Tower classes, but seeing the need for group classes at all our studios, we will be offering circuit Pilates at our Camden studio.

Popular in the US and Australia, for those who are new to Circuit Pilates, here’s an introduction to what it is. Having said that, the best way to understand it would be to give it a shot!

What is Circuit Pilates?

In a small group of 4, you will be rotated around a range of Pilates equipment – including the Reformer, the Tower, the Chair, Mat and the Ladder barrel. Each station is timed as opposed to reps as the different exercises at each apparatus may take longer or shorter to complete.

It allows for an intense full-body workout that will challenge and inspire the most experienced Pilates practitioner.

Teaser on Reformer vs Teaser on Chair

Why Circuit Pilates?

Being able to use other equipment means you can move through every plane. Your body can adapt to the same regiment very quickly on a physical and mental level and doing the same exercise on different equipments can elevate your body awareness and strength at an accelerated rate.

Multiple-apparatus work allows for a deeper, more well-rounded experience, and circuit classes are an affordable way to reap those benefits.




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