What Makes A Good Pilates Instructor

Like most teachers, each Pilates Instructor varies in their abilities as well. Few are good, others are great and some are fantastic! Every BODY is different and unique, and there are a variety of exercises within the system’s repertoire that allow an Instructor to choose specific exercises to suit an individual client. The smallest of modifications can make all the difference to a client’s experience.

To learn Pilates in its true form and to reap all the benefits, it’s critically important to find a ‘good’ Pilates Instructor so this month we give the low-down on what makes a good Instructor by answering your commonly asked questions; 

Functional Anatomy Pilates Teacher Training Course


It helps! Of course, the more teaching years you have under your belt (if you teach regularly) the more experience you have  = better the teacher. Since we grow and harness young talent at Breathe, we have designed a Trainee Program to close the gap between new and experienced instructors by having the more experienced instructors crystalise their knowledge into the training program.


After completion of Merrithew Level 1 Mat and Reformer, and we feel the trainee has potential to join the team, we will enter them into our intensive training program conducted by our Senior Instructors and Educational Director. 

There are three topical areas –  General Fitness, Pre-Post Natal and Rehab and the training consists of:

  • Theory
  • Educational Videos
  • Trainees to submit programs for critique and feedback
  • Practical 

At each level, trainees have to do a series of mock exams and at the end of the training, all trainees have to complete a final exam where they are tested on everything. 

AND THE LEARNING DOES NOT STOP THERE. For our Breathe Family, we host regular in-services for our Instructors to come together and discuss Pilates, GYROTONIC® and rehab related topics. Other times, we bring in different experts to share their latest insights in health and wellness. We also audit our Instructors on a regular basis, as they submit programs on their current clients and we observe / join the class for auditing.  

What Makes A Good Pilates Instructor


We believe Good Pilates Instructors SHOULD NOT be getting a workout with you.

Good Pilates Instructors should :

  • Be able to cue the exercises well enough for you to understand 
  • Watch your form and alignment 
  • Correct your form 
  • Be able to notice when your muscles are fatigued and to change the exercise 
  • Modify the exercise instead of forcing you to carry on 

It would be more concerning if the Instructor worked out with you and didn’t correct your form – having the right form in Pilates is everything. 


Yes and No 

No because good physique doesn’t necessarily mean that you are fit and healthy. It requires a lot of time, sacrifice and commitment and maybe that’s not a priority for the Instructor at this point in time in their life. Pilates is also about being able to move well, which is different from your six pack abs and the traditional definition of physically fit. But they move gracefully and beautifully….

Yes because it means they know how to achieve the goals of strength, conditioning and body sculpting. They reflect the goals in which you want to achieve!

We should be looking for an Instructor that is; 

  • Consistent and Flexible 
  • Understands our goals and body needs
  • Knowledgeable – you want to leave a class with key takeaways after every session
  • Designs personalised exercises 
  • Challenges us 
  • Rapport! Successful Instructor – Student relationships depend on trust, fellowship and a solid rapport. Make sure you can be yourself around your Pilates instructor, and that you communicate freely with one another.  
  • Continuously learns and has a passion for what they do 
  • Loyal and correctly incorporates the principles of its founder, Joseph Pilates.  They consistently emphasize the importance of postural alignment and core muscle strength, and works to increase your spinal health and flexibility 

We believe in high quality teaching and are truly passionate about investing in continued education. . Experience it for yourself and inquire today on how you can get started with us info@breathepilates.com.sg.

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