Pre and Post Natal Fitness

We strongly believe in the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle by undertaking safe and appropriate exercise before, during and after pregnancy. Our varied sessions ensure you get the most benefits according to your pregnancy stage. It’s important to consult your physician before commencing an exercise regime before, during or after pregnancy.



Breathe Pilates is the first and only studio in Singapore to introduce GYROTONIC prenatal classes. Working in 3 dimensions in a circular and fluid movement using special and distinctive weight and pulley-based equipment, the GYROTONIC method during pregnancy provides the perfect system for relieving lower back strain, fatigue and constipation. It also helps build stamina for the birthing process and increases blood circulation and oxygen throughout the body.

Pre-Natal Pilates 


Our Prenatal Pilates classes (Preggie Bellies) incorporate both mat work, Reformer and Tower exercises to prepare your body for the birth of your baby. Modifications for each trimester are given, enabling participants to achieve optimum shape for the much-awaited arrival of their little ones.

Pre-Natal Pilates exercises aim to help expectant mothers to strengthen the lower abdominal region to support the growing baby and alleviate lower back pain, tone the pelvic floor muscles in preparation for delivery (and aid in recovery), improve posture (neck, shoulders & mid-back) and develop an awareness of deep breathing to assist movement, among many other mind and body benefits.

Post-Natal Pilates 


Our Post-Natal Pilates sessions incorporate gentle Reformer, Tower and Mat exercises for optimum toning in the minimum amount of time. The class is suitable for mothers in varying postnatal stages, even those with older children who feel they haven’t recovered their pre-pregnancy shape.

Post-Natal Pilates aims to strengthen the lower abdominal muscles and pelvic floor to create a muscular “corset” to support the spine. It can help participants re-discover their pre-pregnancy body by focusing on balance, posture and breath to facilitate movement.


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