Meet New Instructor, Shauna

Meet New Instructor, Shauna

December 24, 2020

Meet New Instructor Shauna

Born and raised in Singapore, Shauna worked as a Flight Stewardess for the past 4 years. She discovered Pilates back when she was a dancer and since then tried different Pilates classes around the world before joining Breathe.

This week, we get to know our new Instructor, how her Pilates journey started, her favourite travel destination, and what we can expect from her classes!


Hey Shauna, welcome to the team! Tell us a little bit about yourself, what were you doing before Pilates and how did your journey of Pilates begin?

I was first introduced to Pilates as a dancer back when I was in SOTA (School Of The Arts, Singapore) during our body conditioning classes. Once I graduated, I started working full-time as a flight stewardess and during the course of 4 years, this gave me many opportunities to explore a variety of ways to stay healthy. It was during that time that I started going for Pilates training regularly as part of my fitness routine. Whenever there was a chance (meaning when I got enough rest after a long flight!) I would explore different fitness classes overseas wherever I went, e.g. spin in London/ yoga in New York, and that included Pilates classes too.

For me, attending classes around the world was like trying the best food overseas.

What is something people might be surprised to know about you?

I guess people would be surprised to know that my IC describes my race as Caucasian, but that’s from my grandfather who is French. I’ll definitely consider myself more of a Eurasian. Combination of Chinese, Portuguese, Filipino, Spanish and French. Like Rojak!

You have traveled to many countries, what was your favorite place to visit?

Cape Town, South Africa. I have been twice for holiday. The beach, weather, cafes, the people – I love it all and would definitely go again!

What does your exercise routine look like?

One of my favourite ways to work out recently is to do a 15mins fast-paced pilates mat-work then head to my nearby fitness corner for whatever I’m in the mood for that day (pull-ups/band workout). I will then complete my workout off with a 3/4km jog.

As a fitness enthusiast, what is something you would like to try next?

I have always wanted to learn salsa dancing and the tango to be part of my fitness regime. Anyone wanna be my partner? Let me know 😉

What does Pilates mean to you?

Pilates to me is a privilege. I know not anyone has the means to learn it and I hope I’ll never take the knowledge I’ve gained from Pilates for granted. Every Pilates class to me is also an opportunity to grow, build awareness of your body, and practice being in control of how it moves.


What are you looking forward most to teaching?

I am most looking forward to meeting people who are trying Pilates for the first time! What an honor it is to introduce what Pilates is all about? Also, I’m excited to learn and grow as an instructor even as I teach others.


How has the Breathe Pilates Training Program been so far for you?

So far it has been quite intensive. I have already learned so much from both the instructors mentoring us and from fellow Instructors. The best thing about the program is the wealth of knowledge you gain as a result of the effort you choose to put in. It’s a rewarding experience! I’m also grateful for how supportive everyone in the studio has been.


What is your teaching style?

I would say I’m detail-oriented and I ensure clients know the intention behind each movement. I also aim to put emphasis on proper transitions even between exercises. At the same time, be prepared to hear me laugh at my own jokes because I have too much fun when I teach!


Tell us where and when we can find you teaching classes?

Novena and Galaxis

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