Meet our Instructors: Rachel Ong

Rachel Ong – Pilates Instructor, Part-time lecturer and Nutella fanatic. Join us as we sit down with our Instructor Of July, and learn some little known fun facts about Rachel!

Hi Rachel! Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! Let’s get started with the basics – how did you start your Pilates journey and how did you get into teaching?
I had headaches for more than a decade, and had been to many hospitals and i was carrying all sorts of painkillers with me all the time. Eventually, i was very fortunate to receive the right training and massage therapy to return to pain-free days and gain a deeper insight as to how some medicine, heat pads, plasters etc resolve symptoms but not the root causes. It invoked my interest in all the sciences behind various treatment options, what works and what doesn’t. When i tried Pilates out of curiosity, i thought, that’s what i am going to do for the rest of my life. I am going to learn the skills needed to resolve pain issues and Pilates will be my first step forward.
You also chose Long Stretch for July’s Exercise Focus! Why Long Stretch and what types of variations are there?
An excellent exercise for the shoulders and abdominals! You can vary the springs, height of footbar to change the intensity of the exercise or simply lift one foot off for an extra challenge to your trunk stabilisers.
Do you have any favourite client stories to share?
When my clients in 70s can perform walking lunges across the room… The pride on their faces that it’s possible.
Besides Pilates, what other workouts do you do? What type of dance did you use to do and do you still dance?
I train mainly to correct and strengthen my posture since i have scoliosis. I may be training using bodyweight or dumbbells, at home or fitness park or gym, depending on whatever is convenient for me.
My last dance performance was a contemporary piece in a black box setting many years ago. I have kinda passed the phase of dancing and more intrigued in studying human sciences now.
Let’s get into the fun stuff! What’s your top guilty pleasure?
Nutella straight from the jar.
You are a Pilates instructor and a lecturer! What do you lecture and why do you like it?
Full time instructor and part time lecturer actually. I lecture in business modules. Having two different jobs works wonders for me. I never feel that life is mundane.
Any embarrassing secret celeb crushes?
Embarrassing? Not embarrassing at all..
Hugh Jackman! My wolverine.
What ambitions did you have when you were 5? Are you happy with what you’re doing right now?
Gosh, I can’t recall what I was doing when i was 5.
But yes definitely I’m happy now. The biggest gift from being in this trade was the empowerment to fix my own postural issues.
Wine, beer or whiskey? How do you unwind after a long tiring day?
Coffee…from the socks, not expresso machine. Wine beer or whiskey…I leave these to indulge when I’m on holidays.
What’s your favourite inspirational quote?
“Love yourself, then you can love others. Take care of yourself, then you can take care of others.” Quote from ROYL.
Rachel teaches classes in Galaxis, and Novena on Saturdays.

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