Meet Our Instructors: Joyce Khoo

Marching on to our 10th Instructor of the Month series, we had a great time catching up with one of our newest addition to our Breathe Family – Joyce Khoo! Fun, warm, lively and always down for a party, find out what she absolutely cannot say no to!

Hey Joyce! Thanks for being in the spotlight in March! Kicking things off, what made you fall in love with Pilates?

I loved how after a Pilates class I would feel immediately more aware and in control of my body. I was never a naturally graceful child; I didn’t take dance lessons as a kid. So, as an adult, to suddenly discover the feeling of control was like learning a new language and opening a whole new world.

Any memorable teaching experiences?

I once had an elder client who was a gentleman who played competitive pool. He was usually very quiet and not very chatty because of the discomfort in his back from a slipped disc. One day after a class he mentioned how he had gone to a pool game, and played really well because for the first time in a long time he wasn’t playing with pain. My eyes started welling up on the spot because I felt so happy. It was a bit embarrassing but I am a softie.

You used to teach in Indonesia! How long were you there for and how different is it to teach here in Singapore as compared to Jakarta?

We were there for approximately 3 years. The clients are pretty much the same I think! Traffic just causes late cancellations a lot more often but you learn to deal with it because it’s just a facet of life there.

What’s your most death defying moment ever?

I’m not a huge thrill junkie but when I was in Thailand once a couple of friends and I went cliff jumping. I was terrible at it. Completely forgot to keep my legs straight so I landed on my bum and had the air knocked out of me. The silly thing is that after the first attempt I actually climbed up again to try a second time (and landed on my bum again).

Favourite place to travel to?

Any place that isn’t excessively crowded is good in my book. Beach/mountain/city.. As long as I can take a long walk and not be in a huge mass of people I’m happy.

Do you have any plans for 2017?

I want to learn to be a bit more handy, and want to learn some basic electrical engineering. Nothing major, but I’d like to be able to understand basic electronics and be able to fix my coffee machine – stuff like that. Or, at least be able to open my coffee machine up and know what the different parts are!

Share with us your go-to healthy recipe

When I’m in a rut or can’t really think of what to cook I usually fall back on some good ole ginger fish. I take a fillet of white fish, place it in a little aluminium packet and lay a slice of ginger, some crushed garlic, some sliced scallions and sliced red chilli. Drizzle a bit of light soy sauce, a splash of water, a dash of sesame oil for aroma, wrap up the packet and leave it in an oven for maybe 15 minutes ’til cooked through.

Any guilty pleasures?

I can’t say no to drunken karaoke.

What songs do you sing in the showers?

Any song from drunken karaoke. Off-key Fleetwood Mac tunes and 80’s power ballads can commonly be heard coming from my bathroom.

Cats or Dogs?

All the cats and all the dogs! Every. Single. One. I have a cat and we’re looking for a dog to add to the household.

What is your favourite inspirational quote?

“First learn stand, then learn fly. Nature rule, Daniel-san, not mine.” – Mister Miyagi

Joyce teaches private sessions, as well as Reformer and Tower 1 and 2 classes in Novena and Galaxis.

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