Home-Schooling Top Tips with SK

Home-Schooling Tips With SK 

As Singapore shuts schools temporarily to stem the spread of coronavirus, families are now essentially home-schooling their children. This week, super mom SK who’s been home-schooling her daughter Zayn for 3 years, shares her top tips on how to manage this new way of educating your children at home.

“Homeschooling is more about having the whole process as a family. Every member of the family plays a part. The schedule of the child and the parents will have to be synchronized and to reflect our needs in our daily lives. Giving the child a routine is important at home so that they have the boundaries, knowing when is the time for learning and when is the time for playing. 

I understand that it’s pretty challenging for some parents that we are moving the children’s school to home now. First of all, I would encourage the parents to set up a schedule that works for everyone at home. Give them a routine on learning, eating and playing. Children work best by following a routine and having boundaries as it will help them to develop self-control. It also helps them to feel cared for and safe too. However, all these boundaries need to be delivered with love and care. 

A designated place of study for the child is a must. This is to enable them to associate learning with that particular area or space and have a sense of belonging there. Gather all the stuff that they use in school in that area for them to reach easily. The area has to be neat, tidy, conducive and well-lit

Plan a time-table for each child that you have that suits yours and your spouse’ schedule the best. Observe the time-table so that kids know what to expect daily and they will feel safe in this environment. 

Typically, I have a different theme for each day of schooling. Monday is our music day, Tuesday is cooking day, Wednesday is biking day, Thursday is knitting day, Friday is outdoor day etc. Apart from the main lessons that we do each day, I weave these activities in and do these after lunch as that’s when they might be a bit sluggish mentally but need the physical and practical activities of handwork, gardening etc. 

During this period when we are staying at home, we can also try to look for resources that will keep them connected to their real-life community — music lessons, movement classes, enrichment classes etc. as they are all going online in the current pandemic situation. 

Children naturally want to imitate adults and their daily activities. Take this golden opportunity to strive to be the adults that are “worthy of imitation” and bring consciousness to your daily gestures as we engage in the daily tasks of living, such as cleaning, cooking etc. This is the best chance to instill core value to the kids, and not letting a third party do the job.  

With that, I wish that you and your kids will have a peaceful month ahead and enjoy the wonderful time spent at home as a family. Bond with them as you will surely miss this time in the near future. Learn from them as much as they will learn from you too! Stay safe.”

—- SK

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