An international team of highly qualified Pilates instructors with a wealth of experience.

Deborah Wong Co-Owner and Senior instructor
Deborah Wong
Thicha Srivisal Education Director & Lead Instructor Trainer
Thicha Srivisal
Mari Tang Instructor Trainer
Mari Tang
SK Chen Senior Instructor
SK Chen
Kerstin Vieth Senior Instructor
Kerstin Vieth
Rohini Sardesai Senior Instructor
Rohini Sardesai
Rachel Ong Instructor
Rachel Ong
Sash Edison Senior Instructor
Sash Edison
Dorothy Lee Senior Instructor
Dorothy Lee
Gemhl Cai Senior Instructor
Gemhl Cai
Joyce Khoo Senior Instructor
Joyce Khoo
Nicole Chua Instructor
Nicole Chua
Sarah Oh Instructor
Sarah Oh
Wan-Jung Instructor
Caureen Too Instructor
Caureen Too
Yi Man Instructor
Yi Man
Rika Kang Instructor
Rika Kang
Bhakti Panchal Instructor
Bhakti Panchal
Chloe Seo Instructor
Chloe Seo
Rachel Yeo Instructor
Rachel Yeo
Alicia Tan Instructor
Alicia Tan
Dixin Tay Instructor
Dixin Tay
Sharon Yeoh Instructor
Sharon Yeoh
Charmaine Lee Instructor
Charmaine Lee
Charibelle Morados-Abad Instructor
Charibelle Morados-Abad