A Day of Pilates and Dogs

A Day of Pilates and Dogs

October 6, 2017

They say that Dogs are Man’s best friends, and we couldn’t agree more. This October, we team up with SOSD (previously known as Save Our Street Dogs) Singapore to bring to you a day of Family Fun, Furries and Fitness! (Don’t you just love alliterations?) Come down for free pilates sessions (Fat Blast and Stretch Pilates), fun merchandises and F&B, as well as a dog adoption drive! Here’s the Top 5 things you should know about SOSD!

  1. They have been around since 2011!

Having started in July 2011, their mission is simple: We aim “to eliminate cruelty and abandonment of animals, enhancing their welfare, and improve the lives of animals and humans, through rescue, education and advocacy.”

2. Their monthly expenses is about $30,000!

This is why they need your help! As it is, most of their staff are volunteers, so in order to continue maintaining their rehoming and rehabilitating of dogs, land rental, operational costs and many more, they need all the donations they can get!

3. They take in up to a dozen dogs monthly!

But more than just taking in dogs, they also foster and rehabilitate these dogs, and rehome about 15-20 dogs a month! Rehoming a dog is more than just picking any dog that tickles your fancy, it includes making sure that everyone in your family is ready and bonds well with the dog, ensuring that your home is equipped to be a forever home for a furry friend, and most times, it takes more than one visit to bring a dog home! Read one of their heartwarming rehoming stories here

4. 3 reasons they will give you why dogs are truly man’s best friend:

  • Loyal & Loving Companion
  • Owning a dog is therapeutic. They understand humans’ emotions and soothe you when you are upset.
  • Dogs love their owners more than anything else (other than food, perhaps?)

5. They will be bringing down 15 dogs (puppies included) for our event! You get to interact with the dogs, as well as the volunteers to learn more about specific dogs, and who knows! You might be going home with an extra heart!

There you have it! If you know someone who wants to adopt a dog, if you are a young family and unsure how your little ones will interact with dogs, or if you’re just unsure if your lifestyle suits having a dog at home, come on down to talk to the volunteers at SOSD to find out more, or check out their website here! Of course, come on down for our free Pilates sessions too!

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