Client Spotlight: Roshni Selvam

This month, we put the spotlight Roshni Selvam, a client who trains in a very unique sport! What inspired Roshni to begin her Pilates journey and how has it brought her closer to her goal of representing Singapore? Read on to find out!

Tell us a little bit about what you do, and what your daily training schedule is like?

My sport is called Dressage, and it’s basically an equestrian sport where the intricate communication between horse and rider is tested through a series of movements. 
I ride 1-3 horses a day every morning, then I go for pilates and then work in the afternoons. Every evening, I bring my horse out relax and graze on grass before heading home.

What made you decide to start Pilates and how has it improved your lifestyle and your sport?

I wanted to improve my riding and knew I was lacking core strength and had many imbalances in my body. In these last 2 months, I’ve been doing 2-3 sessions a week and it has made a world of difference in my ability to control my body in the saddle. I also feel strong and less achy which is life changing in every way!

What goals have you set for yourself in the next 5 years?

I would like to stay fit and ride competitively for as long as I can. But in the next few years, I would like to represent Singapore in my sport at a few Games.

What do you like to do in your downtime?

Try new restaurants and listen to live music.

What advice do you have for any sportsman who had been hampered by injury?

I don’t believe in working through the pain unless    you are actually at the event you’ve been training hard for; then you should just strap yourself up and do you best. But if you are still in the training stage, there are many alternative options to continue training without worsening your injury, and pilates offers so many of these options. So it’s nice to have an experienced pilates instructress who can relate to your pain and brainstorm other ways to keep the training going.


Roshni is a client of Julie’s, and she will be representing Singapore in the upcoming Jakarta Palembang 2018 Asian games! We wish her all the best and will be cheering her on!

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