5 Things You Should Consider When Buying Your Next Workout Outfit

Atheleisure – the latest buzzword all fashion magazines are sprouting. As this trend of wearing workout clothes for leisure continues it’s popularity streak, we are bombarded by pictures of celebrities out and about clad in branded (and most of the time, expensive) workout gear while they grab their daily Starbucks, bringing effortless chic to the next level. But when it comes to actually working out, here are the 5 things that you should really look out for the next time you’re shopping for new workout gear.

1. Does it fit me properly?

While baggy tops and pants might be perfect for dance and cardio intensive workouts, it definitely is not ideal for all workouts. I have worn baggy tank tops for pilates class here at Breathe, and the instructors do tell me that it makes it difficult for them to correct my moves as they can’t see my body’s posture clearly. While I don’t mean that your attire has to be absolutely body hugging, it does help to wear clothes that fit you properly. Even at the gym, it does help prevent clothes getting caught in machinery and any potentially embarrassing (or painful) accidents!

2. Does it provide the right support for my workout?

Indoor training shoes and football boots both provide a lot of support for running, but only for the sport they were made for. Similarly, there are plenty of sports bras made for varying intensities of exercise. They are usually clearly labelled, or you can approach the staff in the shops, and more likely than not, they’d be happy to point you to the right workout gear that you need. There is a substantial number of ladies who suffer from tissue damage due to insufficient support which may lead to backaches and discomfort, and eventually stretch marks and sagging, so finding the right support is definitely something you’d want to think about.

3. Does it help you prevent injuries?

If you are prone of chaffing thighs when you run, or suffer from harness cuts when you go rock climbing, it would be ideal for you to wear tights or at least tights/shorts that are at least knee-length. We all do know our bodies best, and your workout gear should help you prevent injuries while you work towards a healthier body.

4. Does it really help me with muscle recovery or is it just tight?

Walk into the gym now and more often than not, you’ll see people donning on compression tights from top to toe, but what does it do? The thought-process behind compression clothing is the way it provides graduated compression to simulate circulation. The increased blood flowing through the muscles helps to remove the lactic acid produced during exercise, resulting in a shorter recovery time. However there are many conflicting studies, and some studies say that they do not work for sure. In my opinion, it is something that varies for every individual, and you should try it for yourself. Some people do not feel comfortable in them as they do fit very snugly, and feel constricted in their movements, hence defeating the purpose of the exercise. Don’t just read it off the internet, try it for yourself and decide if it works for you or not.

5. Does it look good on me?

Just like how putting on your favourite dress or shirt boosts your confidence, an outfit that makes you look good and feel good improves your confidence and performance. At the end of the day, we are all working towards a healthier mind and happier body, and feeling good about yourself is sure mood-booster.

So there you have it! 5 things you should consider when buying your next workout outfit, and we’ll see you in the studio!


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