Instructor Spotlight: Cynthia Blust


What’s Your Name & Where Are You From?

My name is Cynthia and I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I lived in Vancouver, Oxford, Kunming, Zürich, Beijing, Hong Kong, Moscow and now Singapore – I feel like I am from everywhere!

What Are Your Favourite Restaurants In Hong Kong?

SPICES at The Repulse Bay Hotel – I love the space and ground around the restaurant. The food is just GREAT on top of that!

Fu Sing Dim Sum – It is my weekly ritual to have Dim Sum there with my family when I was in Hong Kong – I am a truly Cantonese dim sum lover.

What Brings You To Singapore?

My husband’s new job posting. We have been moving around since 2007 and I have to say Singapore is the place we would like to stay much longer than just a few years.



How Long Have You Been Teaching Gyrotonic®?

I certified in the GYROTONIC® Method and the GYROKINESIS® Method since 2008 and 2011 respectively and have been enjoying teaching this amazing GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® METHOD ever since.

What Got You Involved In Pilates & Gyrotonic® Training?

Passion for movement – I started as a Pilates student some 20 years ago and then I moved on to GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® METHOD only after 6 months. I love the way the Method moves the body – it is a holistic approach to movement and it has a high therapeutic value for me.

I would like to share my movement experience to others so I just start teaching – first as a hobby as I was a full-time chartered urban planner at a landscape architecture consultancy but now as a movement professional in the GYROTONIC® Method and the GYROKINESIS® Method at Breathe Pilates in Novena.

What is your favourite GYROTONIC® movement and why/What do you love about GYROTONIC®?

I love the Arch and Curl Series – the spinal articulations is like moving seaweed in the flowing water which awakens my spine in the morning and frees up my spine after a long day work.

I love this movement system as it emphasizes multiple joint articulation, strengthening the surrounding ligaments including the attachments – it stretches and strengthens at the same time while increase the range of motion and improve coordination.

Each exercise is synchronized with a breathing pattern and perform with a melodic rhythmical expression, creates a gentle cardiovascular-aerobic stimulation.

It is a truly amazing training for our fascia system too – movement is multi-directional in rhythm with purposeful movement sequencing. We always have a lot of fun at class – it can also be challenging for your brain with all the coordination work.

Why Would You Recommend Gyrotonic®?

It’s a holistic approach to movement for ALL AGE and ALL PHYSICAL ABILITIES. The Gyrotonic® classes are designed to take our body to move freely for our daily life. People usually feel they have more freedom of movement, more energy and greater strength after the class. Gyrotonic® exercises are adapted to fit everyone’s ability – whether you are under a rehabilitation program or living with a disability or elite athletes.

How Is Teaching In Singapore Different To Hong Kong?

I would say pretty much the same. Those who come for Gyrotonic® classes understand what their bodies need and know what a Gyrotonic® class offers – improvement to their posture and correct dysfunction movement patterns.

The only thing I find is that teaching in Singapore would require more specific and scientific knowledge in explaining the biomechanics as most of the clients would like to understand more why and how to move in a more functional and efficient way.

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