Working out on Holiday!

Working out on Holiday!

November 16, 2017

Shiny Christmas trees have appeared in store displays, and the all-too-familiar jingles can be heard everywhere! It’s the holiday season again, and while we know that it’s the “most wonderful time of the year”, it will also be the busiest time of the year and more likely then not, fitness will be the last thing on our minds. It’s okay to skip your fitness classes for the holidays, parties and dinners, but don’t neglect it completely! Here are 4 easy ways you can fit in SOME workout into your schedule this holidays!

  1. Do it in the morning.

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about crazy 2 hour runs at 5am in the morning (kudos to you if you do!), but more like, 30 mins in the morning with stretches, some toning exercises and light cardio before your morning shower! Doing it in the morning wakes you up, and gives you that extra energy boost you need to get through a long day!

2. Involve your family

Holiday season IS the best time to spend time with your loved ones, so coming to the studio or gym isn’t convenient for your plans, plan activities that they can do too! Walking/hiking trails are always great for all ages, or if you’re more adventurous, cycling, climbing and swimming are great ways to spend time together too! If you have a pet? Even better – bring your pets out for a day at the beach with the whole family for some fun!

3. Interval training during TV time

We all have the days that we just want to chill at home, and binge watch TV sessions (guilty!) but what’s great about TV is the commercials! Plan a set of exercises that you can do during commercial break (30 secs plank / 10 squats / 10 pushups etc) and get right into it in between our favourite shows! Just remember to do a light warm up (stretching or marching on the spot) before you begin!

4. Follow us on Instagram! (@breathepilatessg)

Yes, you read that right! Follow us on Instagram for our latest series of workouts that can be done out of the studio (from hotel rooms to onboard airplanes!) Here at Breathe, we believe that fitness is a lifestyle, and you should be able to keep moving even when you’re not within reach of a reformer machine, so we will be releasing a series of workouts for you to follow when you are away or busy at home! Look out for it starting this Monday, 20 November and remember to Breathe – even on holiday!


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