Why Mobility Matters

Why Mobility Matters

September 15, 2020

At Breathe Pilates, we believe that everyone is entitled to freedom of movement and we aim to empower every individual to create a life of vitality and mobility. The ability to move freely and with ease, and to function with diminished risk of injury and pain, is essential to one’s quality of life.

From what began as a hobby for our Education Director, Thicha developed Singapore’s first Mobility class with the aim to improve the flexibility and range of motion on specific joints to ensure clients (like her!) can move better, feel better and live better.

“It was originally designed for myself. I want to stay flexible until I am old. I realised that I had started to lose flexibility during my late 30s. I practiced Pilates about 2-3 times a week and I was searching for something a little extra to help me gain more range of motion.” says Thicha

Lower Back & Hip Mobility with Thicha 

“I’m a logical person, I love to create systems that are easy to follow and systematic. Our Mobility classes are designed for everyone! It’s for anyone who wants to maintain their flexibility and/or increase their flexibility and range of motion. It’s for those who want to move freely without pain, athletes who want to improve their sports performance, and anyone who wants to prevent injuries and maintain mobility.”

Optimal mobility isn’t just about stretching but rather a balance of strength and flexibility. Strength and stabilization are necessary components for increased mobility, which is necessary for everyday activities such as walking, getting out of bed or getting up and down.

Using exercises and props, this group class is designed to help you develop maximum body control, flexibility and strength throughout your joints’ full range of motion, improving overall joint mobility and longevity. 

The Mobility class focuses specifically on improving and maintaining a good range of motion in your joints. There are two types of classes 

Upper Body Focus (shoulders, scapulas, upper spine, neck) 

This class focuses on improving your ability to raise your arms above your head freely which will help prevent many shoulder, upper back and neck injuries. This will also help determine your safe range if you wish to do certain sports i.e. olympic lifting, the yoga handstand etc. 

Lower Body Focus (hip joints, lower back, knees). 

This class focuses on opening the hips and lower back. This is essential for office workers that sit all day and also for athletes who need good hip mobility such as gymnast, dancers, football players and golfers. 

You can find Thicha every Wednesday 6PM at Novena Medical Center 

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