Stretching your way through your day!

Aches, Lethargy, Stress and improved Coordination. What do these 4 things have in common? They all have one quick-solution: Stretching!

Often one of the most overlooked components of fitness, Stretching is easy to do anywhere, anytime, and the benefits of this humble exercise is much more than meets the eye. More than just increasing flexibility, when done regularly and safely, Stretching relieves aches, encourages blood circulation through your whole body (including the brain!), increases the joint range of motion and helps with reducing stress! Here are 3 great stretches you can do throughout the day to feel energised!

Spinal Roll Down

Starting with your legs hip distance apart, inhale to prepare. On the exhale, start nodding your head, neck, shoulders and slowly bending the spine vertebrae by vertebrae while reaching your fingers to the ground, keeping your shoulders as far away from your ears as possible. (It’s okay if you can’t touch the ground, just gently bend the knees). Inhale here, and on the exhale, engage the core and slowly begin to roll the spine back up till you’re back in an upright position. Do this about 2-3 times especially in the mornings to warm up the spine after lying down for an entire night!

Shoulder Shrugs

This can be done either standing or sitting, and this is a great stress reliever!

Starting with your head straight and shoulders pressed down, start lifting your shoulders slowly as you inhale, and once you reach the highest point, exhale through pursed lips in one quick breath, dropping the shoulders back down.

Hamstring Stretch

The third stretch that we would recommend is the Hamstring Stretch, great for those of us who are always sitting at a desk!

Sit on a chair, back straight , reach one leg forward straight, flex your foot, heel on the floor , toes pointing up to the ceiling
Inhale lengthen your spine, and on the exhale begin to hinge your chest forward from the hips with chest forward towards leg. Aim for length not down, keeping your back straight at all times. Stay for a few breaths, then hinge back to sitting upright to finish

Do remember that these are quick stretches to do throughout the day, and if you are intending to do a stretch session, your muscles will need to be warm before starting!

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