Pregnancy, Labour and Postpartum Care During COVID – 19

 Pregnancy, Labour and Postpartum Care During COVID – 19

Having a child can be a period of mixed emotions. It can be joyful and exciting yet stressful and worrisome all at the same time. The pandemic has also been a source of uncertainty for new and expectant mothers. On top of the normal anxieties of pregnancy and parenthood, some now grapple with the fear of the virus, disrupted caregiver options and constantly changing guidelines.

The purpose of this event is to address common confliction information we hear about pregnancy, labour and postpartum care. We hope this webinar will empower pregnant women to make informed choices in the care of themselves and their babies.

Pregnancy Webinar

In this 90 minutes free webinar, we will answer commonly asked questions we have been hearing from our mums in the community that include:

  • What exactly is confinement?
  • What are the usual practices and what if I have no access to a confinement nanny?
  • Pumping, breastfeeding, bottles?
  • Why is exercise important in pregnancy?
  • How does it benefit me and my baby?
  • What are my labour options?
  • How does COVID 19 affect them?
We aim to help mums navigate this period and we have put together a panel of experts to address these questions and cover the following topics:
  • Exercising during pregnancy
  • TCM practices in antenatal care
  • Labour
  • Postpartum recovery

Meet Our Panel Of Experts


Pre and Post-Natal Pilates Instructor

Sook Kuen (SK) started practicing Pilates before her nine year old daughter was born. She had reaped tremendous benefits by eating well holistically and coupled with exercising with Pilates repertoire throughout her pregnancy and also post partum. Her recovery was remarkably smooth and on top of that, she did not experience any major issues with abdominal, back or any weight problem etc.

She is a firm believer that taking good care of herself physically and mentally before, during and even after the child birth is very important to being a happy mommy caring for a happy baby which will then in turn lay the foundation for a happy and healthy family.

SK has also developed a special interest in reaching out to mommies-to-be and new mommies. She is always ready and keen to lend a listening ear to them. She also enjoyed the process when she can gets to share her positive experiences about her child birth journey and also to lend them her support in whatever ways she could.

Natasha Cullen

Founder and Antenatal Instructor

Natasha Cullen founded Beloved Bumps in 2012 after realising women were coming to hospital without being fully informed of all their options, or being prepared for situations that may arise. Today there are lots of Antenatal / Prenatal classes that are taught by antenatal teachers, doulas, etc. rather than midwives who have first-hand experience in working with women in labour, delivering babies, and looking after both mother and child.

Natasha grew up in Singapore and went on to London to get her BSc in Midwifery. After gaining her BSc in Midwifery, she went on to work in top London hospitals, caring for women in both high and low risk pregnancies. Her aim is to give every women the full information about what could happen during labour, birth, and the early days at home, in a way that empowers them with that knowledge.


TCM Doctor

Mark Chern practices Chinese Medicine in Singapore and is trained in Taiwan and Nanjing. He is well-versed in treating skin conditions, (e.g. eczema, psoriasis, topical steroid dependency) as well as other conditions plaguing sensitive immune systems, e.g. rhinitis, sinusitis, bronchitis.

Mark also provides support for syndromal and autoimmune conditions, often at various levels of collaboration with Western Medicine or nutrition/naturopathy. He is supportive of working with possible psycho-emotional causes of chronic health conditions.

Having worked with midwives and doulas since 2011, he is familiar with being part of a wider network of practitioners assisting a woman through pregnancy, birth and post-partum.


Lactation Consultant & Childbirth Educator

Alona Hodik is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and a Certified Childbirth Educator​. She has a bachelors’ degree in biology, an MBA and the proud mother of 3 children – all exclusively breastfed.

Her children are the reason why she fell in love with breastfeeding and became a Lactation Consultant and a Childbirth Educator. After the birth of her daughters and the help she received with her breastfeeding journey, she realized that she wanted to be a Lactation Consultant and help other mothers and families just like the Lactation Consultants that helped her!

She believes that your breastfeeding journey starts when you are pregnant and continues as long as you and your baby want it to. She offers prenatal breastfeeding classes and private antenatal childbirth classes before your baby is born and after the birth and offers lactation support home visits as well as virtual online consults to make sure your breastfeeding journey is the best it can possibly be.

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Wednesday 20 May 19:30-21:00

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