Meet New Instructor, Wan Jung

Meet New Instructor, Wan Jung

November 12, 2020

Meet New Instructor Wan Jung

Born and raised in Taiwan, Wan Jung worked as a Physiotherapist for the past 4 years. She discovered Pilates while seeking a long-term and efficient exercise for her back pain and hand injury. Wan Jung found that rehabilitating with Pilates has helped her to recover faster from her injuries, and also prevented her from further work-related injuries.

This week, we get to know our new Instructor, how her Pilates journey started, her COVID-19 experience, and what we can expect from her classes!

Tell us a little bit about yourself, what were you doing before Pilates and how did your journey of Pilates begin?

I worked as a Physiotherapist for the past 4 years with experience in geriatric, outpatient musculoskeletal and post-op field. Due to long hours of manual therapy and demanding postural work as a Physiotherapist, I developed both a back and hand injury myself! I discovered Pilates while seeking a long-term and efficient exercise for my back pain and hand injury.

After rehabilitating with Pilates, I found that both my lower back pain and hand injury has tremendously improved. In addition, it also prevented further work-related injury.

I saw first hand the positive changes in my body from the exercises and developed a strong interest in Pilates. I decided to pursue the teacher training course in Taiwan and Singapore to become an instructor.

When did you decide to move to Singapore and how did COVID-19 affect your process? 

I decided to officially move to Singapore early this year. I was supposed to start working in March but due to COVID-19, my work pass application was delayed for almost half a year!

In the beginning, I was a bit anxious about the uncertainty of my future because of the pandemic. It took some time to process the uncertainties but soon concluded that I have to make the best out of the situation. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I found a temporary job in Taipei and taught Pilates to my clients.

It also gave me time to reflect on life and focus on my career path. I was also able to spend more time with my family in Taiwan and catch up with friends before the big move.

What are you most looking forward to now?

I am looking forward to more training at Breathe that will help me grow and add value to my teaching abilities as well as meet new friends and clients in the studio.

What has this turbulent year of COVID-19 and lockdown taught you?

Life is unpredictable. Things might not always go according to plan and that is okay. We should seize the day and cherish every moment with our loved ones.

What are the three words that would describe you?

Patient, detailed and considerate.

How is the Breathe Training Program so far?

I truly appreciate that the Breathe Training Program has an array of dedicated and passionate trainers that help new Instructors like myself to tie together the teaching method with practical applications.

What can clients expect from your classes? Describe your teaching style

I am patient and detail-oriented with my clients to ensure they have the proper alignment in their body while engaging the correct muscles. I like to design a workout plan to meet my client’s specific needs to help them find a more efficient and effective way to achieve their goals. It’s all about teamwork!

Tell us where can we find you teaching classes?

 You can find me at Novena on Tuesday, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. I will also be at Parkway on Mondays and Wednesdays!

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