Meet Our Instructors: Soon Kuen (SK)

Our gorgeous lanky and graceful instructor Soon Kuen (or better known as SK) sits down with us this month to talk about her bucket lists, favourite food (hint, it might be Wagyu steak) and her daughter Zayn!

Hi SK! Thanks for sitting down with us for today, let’s start with the usual. How did you get started with Pilates?

I tried my first Pilates session in the year 2008. I have bad knees since I was 21 years old and my sister, who have been teaching since the last decade, told me about the wonders of Pilates. Thus I decided to give it a try. And there was no turning back since then!

You recently came back from Taiwan where you furthered your training in Gyrotonic. Tell us a bit more about what made you fall in love with Gyro?

I love how Gyrotonic exercises method creates harmony and balance the flow of energy in my body. The three dimensional movement patters that is unique to Gyrotonic gives freedom to my body and soul.

It helps me in discovering how to use my body to go beyond its limitations and achieve a well-balanced physical, mental and emotional state!

It is absolutely therapeutic and beyond exercises!!

You picked Straight Back on Short Box as our Exercise Focus of the Month! Why this particular exercise?

This exercise is simple in the movement but difficult to keep the form. It makes one have the feel that the core needs to work straightaway! Sometimes we don’t need fancy movements to make us sweat, in a lot of cases, LESS IS MORE 🙂

If you had to only survive on 1 dish for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Wagyu Steak! Wagyu Steak! And more Wagyu Steak!

You are tall, lanky and in great shape! Do you do any other form of exercise?

I wish I have more time to do other thing apart from Pilates! Taking my daughter to places and play with her is my other form of exercises right now :p

What are 3 things on top of your bucket list that you want to do?

1. Go on an Meditation & Detoxification Retreat

2. Experience an OBE (out-of-body experience)

3. Get closure on any past unhappiness

How do you unwind after a long day at work?

I love to spend time with my daughter after a long day at work. Or having a good meal with my family after a tiring day would be awesome too!

You have a really adorable daughter Zayn! What is her most annoying habit that you had to teach her not to do, and what tips do you have for exasperated mothers out there?

I am very blessed in the sense the Zayn is quite an easy child. I understand that sometimes kids will nail us up the wall, and we think that their behaviour is not appropriate. However, try to put ourselves in their shoes and not to judge them by what they are doing. Each child is different and unique and they have his/her own temperament. So we try to talk to them like a friend to ‘advise’ them which is better than to reprimand them.

Whatever the parents say, be it good or bad, the child would somehow remember them for a long long time.

If there was anyone you could have dinner with, dead or alive, who would it be?

Definitely Joseph Pilates, I would like to thank him for having founded this brilliant exercise regime that had benefitted millions and millions of people in the world!

And finally, what is your resolution for 2017?

Spend more time on myself, and that includes making myself more healthy and staying focus!

SK teaches Reformer and Tower 1 and 2 classes, Fat Blast – AAA, as well as private Reformer Pilates and Gynotonic sessions.

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