Meet Our Instructors: Jon Chan

For the month of November, meet Jon Chan! Often seen in his scrubs, our physiotherapist and senior instructor opens up about dreams, holidays and having musical talents that none of us knew about!

Hi Jon, congrats on being Instructor of the Month! Let’s kick things off with how you got started on Pilates and what made you decide to be an instructor.
Well, it was one of my earlier passion to understand how the body moves and I was always curious about the good things people say about pilates. I wanted to diversify my toolbox to help people move better, hence I decided to take up pilates classes to experience first hand how it could help movement efficiency. After a trial period, I picked up instructor training for general fitness pilates but then decided to specialize in clinical pilates training because of the population I see.
2. How does Physio and Pilates work hand-in-hand?
I have found them to complement each other. In addition to physio treatments, I use pilates as a platform to explore safe pain free movements, realign, prevent rigidity or modulate pain whilst initiating tissue repair through strengthening.
In pilates, my knowledge and skills from physio has helped me become a better instructor as it assists me with developing an observant eye, and to use cues and ” precise hands on” feedback to help improve movement coordination and awareness.
3. Long Spine is our Exercise Focus of the month! Why Long Spine and what does it work?
It feels so nice to do! People think its really difficult to do but it’s not once you get it with the right help and cues. Each time you do it, you get so much out of it, it’s everything about balance, pose, control, mind body focus, coordination, full body integration, muscle and joint timing and sequence (works your abs, posterior chain musculature, spine articulation)
4. On to the fun bit – Name one little known fact about yourself!
I play the guitar
5, Top 5 things on your bucket list?
Sky diving, travelled the world by 70, Mount Everest, run a marathon,
6. Favourite things to do on your off day
A nice meal with loved ones, movies, cafe and books, travelling the world
7. Would you rather – City or Beach holiday and why?
Beach – I love nature, its good for soul, good get away from crowded Singapore
8. What are some of your plans for the next 5 years!
Profession development, housing, investment, family
9. Favourite genre of music, and artistes.
I dont keep to one, variety is spice of life – chill and lounge, trance, christian, pop
Some favourites: Kygo, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Matt Redman
10. What inspirational quote best motivates you when you are stressed or down?
Challenges is what makes life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful
Jon teaches both private sessions and group classes in Breathe Novena!

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