The Incredible Importance of Private Sessions

Fitness trends, large gyms and mass classes are on the rise, and more people are starting to look for workouts that are fun, effective, and suited to their needs. While working out is vital to a healthy body, we have also seen an increase in the number of fitness-related injuries. With so many varieties readily available at much lower rates, most people do question the necessity of  private sessions. However, here at Breathe, we still insist on having new clients and clients with injuries or medical conditions attend at least one or a few one-on-one sessions before considering group classes, which does turn people away. Here are some reasons to explain why we stick to this guideline.

  1. Understanding your body better = efficient and safe workouts

Did you know that most people come in for their first session with wrong breathing methods? Or that some clients do not even realise that they do have some form of mild scoliosis, misalignments and other conditions prior to their first session with us. In our first session, we go through the principles of STOTT PILATES(tm)With a greater understanding of your own body comes more awareness of how to protect yourself while doing certain actions, which extends past your Pilates sessions – this includes your own gym or cardio sessions – and with that, a safer and injury-free life.

2. Injuries and medical conditions

We recommend clients with injuries or medical conditions attend multiple private clinical sessions before considering group classes in order to specifically target a certain area where it is weaker and build up strength, and this is usually done with our instructors creating a specific program with modifications to the exercise and flow in order to rehabilitate the injured area in a safe manner. We do understand that it is more fun and less intimidating to come with a friend or two, however, if there is one client within the duet or group who is injured, the session would not be beneficial to everyone as our instructors would then have to slow the pace down and spend more time and focus on one person. Be patient, and give yourself time to understand and rehabilitate. Once our instructors do deem you strong enough, we would then advise you on what would be your next best course of action.

3. Keeping Up with The Instructors (and other students)

Feet in straps, Long Box, Neutral Spine, Four point kneeling. These are just some terms commonly used in group classes, and everyone in the group classes know what they mean. Having to slow down the class to explain to a new client would mean disrupting the flow of the class, and would be unfair to the other clients who are aware of what the terms mean, and cut into their workout time. We also wouldn’t want you to rush into something that you are unfamiliar with (eg moving around the reformers) and injuring yourself in the process. This includes using the reformer machines in a safe manner (there is a safe way to lie on the reformer!)

These are just 3 most basic reasons why we here at Breathe emphasise private sessions. Most clients leave their first session mind-blown with the amount of things they were unaware about their own body, and with the realization that fitness is more than just sweat and muscle aches – it is about being intelligent, safe and efficient. After all, we are given one body our whole lives. If you don’t take care of it, who will?


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