Immunity Favourites From Our Instructors

Apart from wearing a mask in crowded places, washing your hands and using hand sanitiser, what can we do to stay healthy – and calm – during the flu season, especially in the midst of a coronavirus outbreak?

We asked our Instructors what measures they’re taking to boost their immune system!

“I eat lots of fruit and vegetables but I have been sure to add plenty of citrus fruits and papaya for extra vitamin c. Lots of walks with the baby and dogs to get some Vitamin D and I carry hand sanitiser everywhere” – Ashley 

“I ensure to get plenty of rest, maintain a balanced diet and adequate exercise and level up my Vitamin C dosage!” – Mari 

“I’m taking my Vitamin C to 2mg a day and other supplements to keep me energised (and young!) including collagen, vitamin D, multi-vitamins and glutathione. I drink lots of water and ensure I get in plenty of sleep! I use essential oils too, for aromatherapy and with this situation right now. i’m using this as a natural antiseptic to kill airborne viruses too!” – Sash

“Being out in midday sun for at least 10 mins a day. Vitamin d, bdnf, lots of other good stuff!, 2. Getting my sleep in. I get at least 8-9 hours daily3. Taking all my supplements – it’s a long long list but just being as nutritionally replete as possible – Deborah

“I take adaptogens to help with stress. Probiotics for a healthy gut. Green powder for healthy antioxidants. If I feel something coming on I will spray elderberry in the back of my throat.” – Denise 

I take Vitamin C from Whole Foods (Pure Radiance C), occasionally some other supplements but not all the time (nothing synthetic). I drink energized water with natural mineral drops. I eat everything – meat, vegetables, fruit and cook at home daily using good quality oils, bone broth soup, free range meat, bio-dynamic vegetables. I shower with negative ION water. I use the infrared sauna that also emits negative ION frequently. I exercise regularly. And I am big fan of therapeutic essential oils, I use them daily for diffusing /application.” – SK

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