Client Stories – Elaine

Client Stories – Elaine

October 5, 2020

COVID-19 with Elaine 

This month, we chat with Pilates and Mobility fan Elaine on her COVID-19 journey. We find out what her routine was like pre-pandemic, her experience through circuit breaker and what she’s learned so far in 2020.

Elaine Breathe

1. How did COVID-19 affect your routine?

Too much. My normal routine of living my life, going to work,  meeting friends anytime and anyday, having holidays as and when I want etc, have all been disrupted. Interestedly, some changes are going to stick on better than others.

2. What did you get up to during the Circuit Breaker? 
Because we had to stay at home, it was like I had no “life”. So I had to find something to do, build some home routines for myself. Simple ones like have meals 3 times a day or healther ones like an hour of some form of exercises every day.  I am also one of the COVID-born home bakers that sprung up ; mainly because I had more time on hand to experiment.
Personally, I do not enjoy virtual (group) classes, as I prefer to be around people while doing group work.
For me during CB, I chose to work out using Nike Apps etc ; where its more individual and works around when I feel like exercising. I feel very accomplished because I managed to discipline myself to do something every day instead of nothing. 
PS: I installed and tried more apps on my digital devices, then I ever did for the past 10 years!! Its crazy how I much I depended on the digital world during CB. Managed to try virtual party, karaoke, packaged cocktails ; anything that kills boredem at home! **LOL​**

3. How has your life changed now that we are in Phase 2?
Yes….phase 2 seems somewhat to begin to feel like my pre-covid lifestyle. I can meet friends, go out to shop and of course, go back to studios for pilates work out, which I enjoy very much. I feel that we can go back to somewhat being normal and having social contacts with people, which is the part I miss most. The real human to human interaction.

Unfortunately, I am not a self-practise kind, once I get back to physical group work. 🙂 During CB, because we had to stay at home, I had no choice but to self-practise. Now we can get out of our home do work-outs elsewhere, home is home which is rest and to laze around…..**oops**


4. What were your takeaways this year? 

We always know at the back of our minds that life is unpredictable but to actually have it affect everyone so personally and at every level, I would not imagine it ever possible before COVID. Our humility, how one virus can bring us all down, how every country can shut down and how it disrupted every aspects of life, it is scary and we should not take anything in life for granted!!

I now appreciate more than ever, to be able to meet friends and family, the freedom to go where I want, to be able to continue to work in such difficult times and keep more or less a same (and a sane) life.

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