Client Conversations : Kirsten

Client Conversations : Kirsten

February 26, 2014

Kirsten is one of our most regular clients and comes for classes 3 times a week rain or shine! Mother to four sons, three of whom are triplets, and founding partner of creative agency, The Local, we speak to this superwoman about her experience with Pilates.

How long have you been doing Pilates and what led you to it?

After a career hunched over a computer and a triplet pregnancy, my back and core were not in a good way. I was searching for a miracle and Pilates happened to be just that! But it wasn’t my first port of call; I had spent time trying other exercise fads which, while great for fitness and tone, unfortunately exacerbated my misalignments. I spoke to a physiotherapist a year ago, who asked me if I’d tried working out on a Pilates reformer. I contacted Breathe Pilates, where I booked my first lesson, and I haven’t looked back since.

How has Pilates benefited you?

My posture is greatly improved, I have much less neck, back and head aches and with tailored exercises, I’m toning muscles I never knew I had! Every session is unique, which eliminates the chance of boredom but also enhances total body awareness, helping me avoid slipping back into old habits in daily life. After a Breathe Pilates class I literally feel an inch taller – and I’m regaining the sort of strength and flexibility that makes me feel a decade younger.

What do you love best about Breathe Pilates?

I feel fantastic after every lesson, both physically and mentally which is testament to great teachers and a conducive environment

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