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Look After Your Pelvis During Pregnancy

Does your back frequently feel painful or weak? Do you feel nervous about moving or doing certain activities in case your back ‘goes’? Have you altered your activity levels because of back pain? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then it’s time to consider Pilates to help you regain control.

Pilates 101

The Pilates Method of Exercise Explained Created by Joseph Pilates, a German national; Pilates involves series of exercises that aims to strengthen your muscles, improve your posture, flexibility and also increase your mental awareness. In early 19 century, Joseph Pilates saw that many athletes and dancers careers were cut short because of injuries. He came […]

Prenatal Nutrition Talk

Do pineapples really cause miscarriages? Can you eat them when you’re pregnant? The benefits of exercising during pregnancy has been very clear, but nutrition? It’s a whole minefield out there with old wives tales, myths and fallacies propagated by the profit-driven supplement and food industry. We have had so many of our ladies ask us […]

5 things to expect at your first Pilates class

The most common thing I had mentioned to me upon someone entering the Pilates studio has been – These machines look intense, I don’t think I can use them. And while many people think of Pilates as yoga on the reformer, it really is a separate exercise system altogether. Here are 5 things you can […]

Client Conversations: Germaine

This month we speak to Germaine! She first joined Breathe as a preggie belly and has since delivered a lovely baby girl. She’s now back in the Mums & Bubs class. We speak to her about how Pilates has helped her pregnancy and delivery and why she came back after!   1) How did you […]

Pregnancy and Pilates

You’ve probably already heard that Pilates is great during pregnancy, seen results from lots of celebrities who swear by Pilates and are now wondering what exactly Pilates does during pregnancy. For those who are expecting or know someone who is, we explain the science behind prenatal Pilates. Pregnancy is an important time in every woman’s life […]