Breathe team recommends – Family Friendly Activities!

Schools’ out, Let’s play! Not sure how to fill the month with family-friendly activities and make new memories? Here’s our instructors’ list of favourite activities to do for this holiday – and there’s something for everyone (even those without kids)!

1. For the theme park fans – (Dorothy) USS or Adventure Cove!

2. For the outdoor lovers – (Angeline) Cycling with the family, and there are so many Park Connectors to choose from now! Spend a day exploring parts of Singapore you don’t usually get to see, and if you are unsure of where to start, here are 10 best and easy trails for you to start riding away:

3. For those who love giving back – (Gemhl) Make this holiday meaningful by having your whole family involved in giving back! There are many ways to do so – and Gemhl suggests dog shelters! These lovable pups need love and affection, and there are a great many of them who need help – walking the dogs, cleaning the shelters, donating food items, raising awareness and so much more. Not sure who to approach? The Save Our Street Dogs (SOSD) shelter is also on the lookout for helpers, so visit their website and find out how you can give back today!

4. For the green lovers – Do your kids take food for granted? Teach them the value of food by bringing them right down to where our food comes from – Farming! Deborah tells us that there are farms in Singapore (Kranji) that you can bring your whole family down to, or even take a short trip up to JB!

5. For the adrenaline lovers – An avid climber herself, Betsy tells us that her all-time favourite activity is climbing! There are climbing places that offer the traditional wall climbing and bouldering experience, and there are also places that offer a fun version of climbing with interactive walls that you can play games on and more!

6. For the geeks – Daisy does tell us that she likes to take this time to prep her son for the Math Olympiads and National Coding Competition. Be warned though! She included this little disclaimer: “Maybe this is why my son doesn’t write me Happy Mother’s Day greeting anymore”

7. For those of you without children, have no fear! Thicha tells us that her favourite activity is to travel..without children! Not sure of where to go? Head over to our previous post and maybe consider a detox and wellness retreat!

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