30 Days Challenge

30 Days Challenge

July 1, 2014



When we first started the 30 Days Pilates Challenge last year, it seemed like such a simple concept, to commit an hour a day to working out surrounded by supportive classmates and instructors to help you kick start your way to health. We didn’t believe it had not been done before. It was conceived with the notion of helping our clients who were facing personal fitness plateaus to push pass it.  The results were unexpected to say the least.

Tangible results of muscle gain and better posture were evident within the first two weeks. Post challenge, many continue to keep their active lifestyle of working out at least 3 times a week. After all what is 3 times a week when you’ve been working out daily for a month!

To be honest, we weren’t certain if we wanted to continue running it this year due to logistics, but testament to the challenge success itself was the request from our previous participants to hold it again. This reaffirmed our believe in the program and some of our staff themselves will be taking part in the challenge this time round.

The challenge is really about making the effort to exact a healthy change in our life. It takes approximately 3 weeks to make something a habit and this is one of the goals of our 30 Days Challenge – to encourage YOU to commit to an hour of your day to exercise for 4 weeks.

Apart from exercise, having a healthy diet is also essential to a healthy life and to help with this, we’ve tied up with The Daily Juice to provide 3 bottles of cold press juice a day throughout the challenge to support your nutritional needs. We know that while we want to eat healthier, it often isn’t that easy to make a crazy instant overhaul. The concept behind the 30 Days Challenge is to make small, gradual changes to your life that will see miraculous changes at the end of the journey.

So join us this August! It’s not a huge commitment and just a little out of your comfort zone. You’ll be surprise at how much change that little step exacted.


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