Client Stories – Meet Michelle

As part of International Women’s Day, we chat with clients who have an inspiring story to tell. This week, we speak to the lovely Michelle Lim, CEO of Insight Asset management on how she started her own firm!


Hi Michelle! Please tell us a little bit about yourself? 

Hi! My name is Michelle and I am a CEO of Insight Asset Management. I am a complusive reader, relentless traveller and doing Pilates at Breathe has been a fabulous way for me to stretch away my stress. I started working in the financial industry as a stock broker and I gradually pivoted to be a wealth manager and then a private banker. Along the way (18 long years) I discovered that I rather enjoyed the challenges and accountability of the investment management side of the business and ultimately that gave me the confidence to start my own firm.

What’s been your greatest challenge and your greatest reward in your professional career as a woman?

 My greatest challenge is constantly under-estimating my own abilities and the greatest reward is knowing that clients sleep better at night – after outsourcing their stress to me.

What are some of the most pivotal moments in your career?

Quitting my private banking job to start my own firm. I knew that if I put the clients’ interest first, it could work out. It’s been 9 years, and it’s still the philosophy of our company. The first year of venturing out on my own was a huge adjustment.  When you are no longer part of a big organisation you have to make decisions on everything – from IT to Human Resources.  But I never ever regretted my decision.

Do you have any advice for female professionals trying to navigate in an ever-evolving landscape?

In public, don’t be afraid to speak up. In private, be constantly curious and always learning.

Dana Scully

Can you tell us about a female role model who has inspired you over your career?

Dana Scully from the X Files. She is smart, meticulous and not intimidated by all the crazies around her!

This International Women’s Day, what do you hope to see change surrounding women in the future?

I think we need to start by encouraging our girls to reach for the stars –– to be the next scientist that comes up with the vaccine for the next pandemic,  to aspire to be the next Prime Minister of Singapore etc. I am afraid we have such mundane dreams for our girls.

For young women building their careers right now – be kind to others and yourself, but also be ready to work hard and speak up for others and yourself.

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