Sunday 5 April 2PM – 5PM @ Novena Medical Centre

Co-Designed by Breathe Education Director, Thicha Srivisal and Lead Physiotherapist of Core Concepts, Sylvia Ho

What Is It?

Having a full range of motion is imperative to performing loaded movement patterns safely and effectively. The Movement Therapy Workshops will provide you a repertoire of mobility exercises and fascial release to increase the range of motion in the upper body that will benefit your clients/patients and/or your personal practise.

Who Is It For

Personal Trainers, Physios, Chiropractors, Body Workers, and Advanced Fitness Practitioners looking to improve their own mobility (i.e. yogis, calisthenics, weightlifters, gymnastics, dancers, martial artists)

Why This Would Benefit You?

We emphasize on PREHAB over rehab. If you don’t have a full range of motion, you will overcompensate by using the wrong muscles which can lead to pain and injuries.
Prepare to have your full range of motion unlocked in our series of Movement Therapy Workshops.

Workshop Format

  • Understand the anatomy and kinesiology of the shoulder girdle and upper body – how does the shoulder girdle and upper body work?
  • Assessment of your full range of motion
  • Techniques on how to improve your range of upper body motion

SGD 300 or SGD 250 if you book before 29 February 2020