Together with our team of partnering medical specialists, we at Breathe are committed to restoring and maintaining the normal biomechanics of the human body through the different methods involving Pilates teacher training.

Improving fluidity in body movements and enhancing the most basic life’s principle of breathing is our motto.

Deborah Wong


Deborah is a fully licensed medical doctor and avid dancer who first encountered Pilates more than 10 years ago. Pilates enabled Deborah to greatly improve her understanding of movement and reduce the lower back pain she suffered from due to mild scoliosis.

Inspired to learn more and to share the benefit of Pilates with others, she decided to undergo Pilates instructor training and is a  certified STOTT PILATES® instructor capable of teaching everyone, from the healthy to the injured and special populations. She has had extensive experience training under different instructors in Singapore, Sydney and Hong Kong and is also well-versed in ballet, tap and contemporary dance.

Deborah is also a certified Level One AntiGravity® Fitness, qualified ZEN∙GA™ Instructor and Total Barre™ Trained Instructor. She is constantly pursuing continuing education to keep updated on latest exercise science and is has recently completed her training in Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy and hopes to integrate that into her approach for rehab clients.

With a background in both movement and medicine, Deborah hopes to bridge the gap between movement and medicine and optimize wellness for her clients by integrating both.

Thicha Srivisal


Thicha holds a Master Degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T), Boston, USA. Thicha is a fully certified STOTT PILATES® level 1 & 2 in Mat and all apparatus, She is a STOTT PILATES® Lead Instructor Trainer, ZEN∙GA™ Instructor Trainer and TotalBarre™ Instructor Trainer. Thicha is also a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga practitioner, a certified GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Instructor. She is also fully certified in Polestar Pilates in all apparatus.

During her days as a student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T) and while juggling a dance career in Boston, Thicha discovered and embraced Pilates as a way to recover from a disc and ankle injury while improving and maintaining her overall muscle tone and flexibility all at once, staying healthy and injury-free. She immediately saw the potential and need to be able to help all population type develop healthy movement habits through positive motion.

Thicha has been teaching Pilates for almost a decade now and her clients include an extensive range, from professional ballet dancers, Olympic medalists, Hollywood singers to rehabilitation-based clients. Thicha has a strong interest in helping her clients to achieve their goals and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle through various movement modalities.

Over the past few years, Thicha has been more involved in teaching, mentoring and certifying new instructors in the STOTT PILATES® method. She feels empowered helping these new instructors utilise their skills to rehabilitate others.

Debbie Yong


Dancing from the age of 5, Debbie has danced her way through Ballet, Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Raggae, KPop and Contemporary, and is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie. Her favourite workouts include Dancing, Rock-climbing, MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing, and after being introduced to Pilates at Breathe, now counts Pilates as one of her preferred workouts. With a degree in Arts Management, Debbie has been involved in multiple events, stage and TV productions.

Being an active and curious individual, Debbie loves running around meeting new people, and is constantly on the move running events, taking photos and looking for new activities, events and places to explore and try. Her bubbly, exuberant nature makes her perfect for the role of Community Manager at Breathe.

Sandra Lim


Sandra developed her passion for movement through a lifetime of ballet and dance. She stumbled upon Pilates at the urging of her ballet master while training at the National Ballet School of Canada, and discovered the power and benefits gained from daily Pilates practice. After years in the biomedical profession, she pursued her training certification from the prestigious STOTT PILATES® in Toronto. She is also certified Level One AntiGravity® Instructor, TRX instructor and ZEN∙GA™ and Total Barre™ Qualified instructor.

Sandra draws from her knowledge of anatomy and dance to provide Pilates Programs to suit any age and body type, from athletes to senior citizens well into their 80s. She has taught in Canada and New York and stays current with new developments in the field through workshops and is working towards additional certifications. Her caring, encouraging teaching style, keen eye for movement, and attention to detail helps clients improve their body awareness and alignment. Sandra is dedicated to personalizing exercise programs to help clients reach their full potential in the studio and carry these skills over to everyday activities and sports.

SK Chen


Sook Kuen (SK) was introduced to Pilates by her sister after she consulted her on her scoliosis problem, which was causing her to experience bad knee pain. She was soon being put on a program and indeed that was a life-changing experience for her! It was not too long before SK discovered her new passion and was amazed by the benefits that Pilates had brought about for her.

Since then, there was no looking back and Pilates had become an important part of her life. In her quest to share the many great benefits of Pilates with others, SK gave up her rising career in the corporate world and decided to pursue her new passion – Pilates. She obtained her Pilates certification from STOTT PILATES® and Pre and Postnatal Pilates Specialist certification certified by The Centre for Women’s Fitness and now hopes to share with many others the wonderful benefits that Pilates can bring about for everyone!

Angeline Wilkes


Angeline has a keen interest in healthy living and over the years developed a great passion for Pilates. What started as a simple back pain turned into a chronic problem and she discovered that Pilates was the most effective way of improving her condition. It is a fitness regime that is stimulating, comforting and produces results. This inspired her to pursue certification with STOTT PILATES® and she wants to share the benefit of her practice with others.

Apart from being achieving her STOTT PILATES® certification, Angeline is a mother of two, holds a BBA and is an avid traveler and photographer.

Sash Edison


Sash is a fully certified Pilates instructor with the Pilates Method Alliance. He has 8 years of teaching experience and specialises in pre and post natal Pilates, Rehabilitation and Geriatrics care. Always keen to learn and keep in touch with the latest developments in the Pilates industry, Sash has attended workshops held by second-generation master instructors Patricia Guyton, Jay Grimes and Alan Herdman and he believes it is a privilege to learn the original principles Pilates was based on.

Sash believes that Pilates is a great exercise system for regaining strength, rehabilitation, injury prevention and developing body awareness. His classes are always challenging and fun and there is never a dull moment with him around.

Svenja Poppe


Svenja comes from Germany and discovered Pilates while living in Turkey. After moving to Singapore, she decided to become an Instructor as it came naturally and teaching would allow her the ability to share the benefits of Pilates with others. She is STOTT PILATES® and Pilates Academy International certified and is a certified Pre-Postnasal Specialist with the Centre for Women’s Fitness by Carolyne Anthony.

Svenja believes the holistic approach Pilates offers with its mind/body connection, creating awareness and ability to cater for the individuals’ needs, goes hand in hand with a healthy life style. She constantly strives to deepen her knowledge by exploring the full range of possibilities Pilates has to offer.

Daisy Catherina


Dance has always been part of Daisy’s growing up years. Apart from being a medium of expression for her, it was also a form of cardiovascular fitness which she preferred as opposed to regular jogging.

Her exposure to fitness and Pilates started after suffering from shoulder and lower back pain after childbirth. After witnessing how Pilates could allow how to be pain free and inspired by fitness professionals, she decided to undergo Fletcher Pilates matwork, Pilates Academy International Reformer and personal training (ACE) certification.

Previously a personal trainer at SICC, Daisy left to join Breathe as she wanted to focus more on Pilates and rehabilitation. She derives satisfaction from seeing her clients become passionate about fitness and Pilates as she believes fitness and wellness makes a huge difference in our lives. She hopes to always inspire people to exercise well through good training, dance and Pilates.

Dorothy Lee


The desire to return to the ballet studio after having stopped dancing for many years led Dorothy to Pilates to strengthen her core and awaken the mobility in her limbs. Pilates became her staple exercise regime, and she found that it helped her perform better in the various sports she did. Dorothy never really went back to ballet, but found herself drawn into Pilates as she saw how it could enhance physical performance and improve daily movement functions in individuals.

She recently left the corporate world to pursue Pilates teacher training and obtained STOTT PILATES® certification. As an instructor, she draws inspiration from a background in dance and sports, to share the functionality and beauty of Pilates and movement.

Tan Hwee Kheng


Hwee Kheng’s journey with Pilates started 8 years ago, when she tried to find a solution to her persistent back and shoulder pain. She had always enjoyed rhythm and movements in dance and yoga, and was always keen to try out new activities and experiences. However many of these activities had not helped, and might even have contributed, to her back and shoulder problems.

Through Pilates, she gained a greater awareness and control of her body and movement to help her resolve and manage these problems. She is now confident she is able to continue to “move”, pursue all the activities that she loves or try new experiences in the future.

Hwee Kheng is a certified Level 1 and 2 STOTT PILATES® instructor. She is also a certified instructor for TRX® Suspension Training and AntiGravity®. She looks forward to sharing her own learning and experience with her clients through challenging and safe workouts.

Susanne Frey


Movement and dance has been Susanne’s passion ever since she attended ballet classes as a young girl. Trained as a senior nurse in Orthopedic and Accident Surgery, Orthopedic rehabilitation and Obstetrics, she started teaching Pilates and Argentine Tango after the birth of her son. While on relocation with her husband in Freiberg, Germany, she started her own Pilates studio and fashion boutique.

With a wealth of knowledge in movement, anatomy and physiology, Susanne is able to develop programs that cater towards their needs and goal. Her love for movement and music helps clients to learn functional movement patterns for their daily life in a joyful and inspiring atmosphere.

Susanne currently hold certificates in STOTT PILATES® Level 1 and 2, GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods and specialist Workshops, STOTT PILATES® Injuries & Special populations, PAI Rehab Course, Myofascial Release Techniques and The System of Smart Movement. She is a fully certified Women’s Health Pilates Specialist by Carolyne Sidhu Anthony and a trainee faculty member for the Centre for Women’s Fitness. She is also trained in Clinical Orthopedical Manual Therapy, Bones for Life Applied Feldenkrais Techniques and a certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach.

Kerstin Vieth


Kerstin is a licensed medical nurse by education, specialized in Anesthesia and Intensive Care in Germany. She first encounted Pilates bout 10 years ago during her stay in India. Moving into teaching, Kerstin is a certified STOTT PILATES® and Pilates Academy International (PAI) instructor. Since then, she has also worked with many clients, some of whom have special conditions (e.g. back, foot, or shoulder injuries), assisting them in post-rehabilitation.

Kerstin teaches Pilates with the goal of a good workout and having fun. On top of being a Pilates instructor, she is also well versed in Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy, Myofascial Compression Techniques and also holds various certificates from the Center for Women Fitness in Pilates for Scoliosis, Myofascial Release Techniques, Pilates for Menopause, Pelvic Floor Health & Dysfunction, and Breast Cancer Post-Rehab.

Yoko Tamanyu


私がピラティスを始めたきっかけは、自身の体の歪みの改善のためでした。体幹を鍛えながら、身体を整えるピラティスを体系的に学ぶため、日本でマットピラティスの資格を取得。その後 STOTT PILATES®に出会い、更に深く学ぶことを決意し、インストラクターの資格を取得しました。ピラティスでは、自分の意識で、筋肉と動きをコントロールしていきます。

ただやみくもに鍛えればいいというわけではなく、筋肉を意識しながら、丁寧に、正しく動いていくことで、身体は自然に、しなやかに、強く、整っていきます。身体が硬くても、運動が苦手でも、どなたでも、自分のペースで 行っていくことができます。ピラティスの楽しさを、わかりやすくお伝えできたら幸せです

Yoko first started Pilates in Japan to improve her muscular imbalances. Pilates’ ability to change the body through mindful movement and injury prevention with a balanced body intrigued her. Keen to share and learn more about Pilates, Yoko decided to undergo teacher training and certification with STOTT PILATES®.

Pilates has also since help her recover from her knee injury. She is a certified STOTT PILATES® instructor and will be teaching in her native language, Japanese.

Julie Jang


Julie is from Korea and moved to Singapore eight years ago. Always in search for an activity that instills a healthy, active lifestyle, Julie discovered Pilates and immediately fell in love with its challenge – an elegant movement that combines body-awareness, core-strength, and rehabilitative qualities. Julie decided to become an instructor to share the benefits of Pilates with others. She is trained in both Korea and Singapore and a certified STOTT PILATES® instructor.

Her goal is to conduct relaxed yet challenging classes that are enjoyable for students of all levels.

8년 전 한국에서싱가폴로 건너온 후건강하고 활동적인라이프 스타일을추구하고자 여러운동을 경험하던 중필라테스의우아하고도 챌런징한근력 운동의 매력에빠지게 되었습니다. 호흡을 통한코어근육의 단련과재활에도 탁월한운동인 필라테스는연령과 부상여부에 상관없이 모두가 즐길수 있는 운동입니다. 저는 한국과싱가폴에서 강사트레이닝 과정을거쳤으며 스탓필라테스 강사자격증을 보유하고있습니다. 영어와한국어로 수업을진행중이며 개개인의 레벨에 맞게 누구나안전하고 즐겁게운동할 수 있도록프로그램 하고있습니다.

Betsy Chen


Betsy was a school gymnast and dancer during her teen days, and suffered numerous sprains and injuries during those years. Since entering the workforce as an Architectural Designer, long hours sitting on her desk ended up with her having postural problems and upper back pain. Being non-athletic for many years since after school days, she saw the need to condition and build strength to enhance daily activities. She then began Pilates training, and felt an immediate benefit just after a couple of lessons. This has inspired her to pursue her instructor certification and she now holds an instructor certification from STOTT PILATES®.

Other than Pilates, Betsy is passionate about healthy and holistic living and beauty, and is also a gym enthusiast and avid runner doing both short and long distance running training. She believes in empowering her clients to integrate the Pilates method into other daily activities and sports and helps clients achieve fitness goals and work towards increasing body awareness, flexibility, strength and stability in a safe environment.

Mari Tang


Mari’s passion for Pilates began five years ago when she wanted to give her energy levels a jump-start. As a Brand and Marketing professional whose typical day involved many hours of sitting through
meetings or at her desk she experienced frequent neck, shoulder and back aches. Various therapies and exercises she’s tried provided
limited relieve. Through Pilates, she’s learnt to focus on alignment to improve posture while
building strength, allowing her to remain pain free.

Henceforth, Pilates played a key role in her return to a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Her passion for Pilates propelled her to pursue instructor certification with STOTT PILATES® so she could help others
gain benefits as she had done for herself.