Meet Our Instructors: Hwee Kheng

She knows how to have fun, but she sure doesn’t Fool around when it comes to her personal training! Meet Instructor of April Hwee Kheng and find out what she likes to do in the middle of the night!

Let’s start with the easy stuff – how did you start Pilates and what’s your favourite part of being an instructor?

I started Pilates over 10 years back after I developed persistent lower back pain. I personally found it very effective in helping me built my core, developed flexibility with control and improved my posture. It helped me do a lot of other things with minimal injuries by moving better!

Best part of being an instructor is the satisfaction of seeing your clients move better and stay pain-free!

We saw on your #pilatescoreanywherechallenge as well as your social media that you tap dance and do aerial silk and hoop. What other types of workouts do you do and what’s your favourite (besides Pilates of course!)

I enjoy working out with the TRX with my husband and it’s easy to bring with us when we travel.

I’m also currently practising GYROTONIC® exercises and hope to start teaching it soon. It just compliments everything that I do so well, with the 3D movements and flow.

I am a person with many loves! Whatever I do are my favs – I won’t put my time to do them otherwise!

You’ve picked The Hundred for this month’s exercise focus! why The Hundred?

It’s the very first classical mat pilates exercise from Joseph Pilates’ Contrology! Everyone should know this! There is so much going on in this exercise – works the abs, core and shoulders to stabilize, breathing, rhythm and endurance!

Name one little known fact about yourself!

I married the guy who dropped me on my head when we first dance together years back during an orientation item. I must have had a lasting concussion ;-P

Guys out there please don’t try this it doesn’t always work!

What’s the YOLO-est thing you’ve ever done and what’s next on your bucket list?

Does quitting my well-paying job a few years back to do Pilates count?

Or my recent “bungee-ish” aerial drop (on my IG) for someone who is afraid of height!

I don’t know what’s next yet – I like to just relish the moment and let things happen!

Top guilty pleasure?

Coca-cola! Relaxes me!

Tell us a little about your dance background and what genre of dance do you like best? How has Pilates helped you with dancing?

I was lucky to try a bit of many things from Chinese to Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop & Tap. They were all great in helping me build my form, style and appreciation for dance! Tap has been with me the longest though I have neglected it somewhat recently. My old tap buddies of over 20 years are always there encouraging me back!

Pilates helped me stay injury-free when I tap & I intend to continue to do that for a long time! At my tender “middle-age”, tap can be very demanding on ankles, knees and hip!

How do you unwind after a long day?

Mostly couch & TV! Serious unwinding… gardening! I sometimes can be up at midnight trimming and attacking my plants with scissors!

Where do you like to shop?

Definitely online! From Amazon to Taobao to any stores I find interesting. The internet brings so many choices from the world to our doorstep!

What’s one inspirational quote you live by?

“One day you will wake up & there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now” – “Paulo Coelho”

Hwee Kheng teaches private sessions and group classes at Galaxis.

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