3 Breakfasts You can prep in 10 Minutes

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a queen and dinner like a pauper. How many of us here are guilty of skipping breakfast just to squeeze in those extra precious minutes of sleep? Well, luckily for us, instructor Sandra Lim, owner and plant-based chef of Live Fruitfully has come up with 3 delicious breakfasts …Read More

Meet Our Instructors: Hwee Kheng

She knows how to have fun, but she sure doesn’t Fool around when it comes to her personal training! Meet Instructor of April Hwee Kheng and find out what she likes to do in the middle of the night! Let’s start with the easy stuff – how did you start Pilates and what’s your favourite …Read More

Meet Our Instructors: Joyce Khoo

Marching on to our 10th Instructor of the Month series, we had a great time catching up with one of our newest addition to our Breathe Family – Joyce Khoo! Fun, warm, lively and always down for a party, find out what she absolutely cannot say no to! Hey Joyce! Thanks for being in the …Read More

Meet Our Instructors: Svenja Poppe

It’s time to sit down with our lovely Svenja Poppe this February! Specialising in prenatal and postnatal pilates, learn about how she started her journey into Pilates, and how she feels staying here as an “ang moh”! Hi Svenja! Thanks for taking the time to sit down with us today. Let’s kick things off with …Read More

Meet Our Instructors: Angeline Wilkes

This January, we kick start 2017 with a our very own Angeline Wilkes! Mother, Traveller and Photographer, come join us as we sit down with our very multi-talented instructor as she dishes out healthy recipes and guilty pleasures! Hi Angeline! Let’s begin with how you started on your Pilates journey and how you ended up …Read More

That Thing About New Year Resolutions

We’re a month into 2017, hands up if you’ve broken your resolution already! For most of us, new year resolutions are unrealistic optimism, a promise that we know we can’t keep. Who doesn’t want to get fitter, better, and constantly improve on ourselves? Well, it’s not too late. These are 5 quick tips on making a resolution. AND KEEPING …Read More

Meet Our Instructors: Soon Kuen (SK)

Our gorgeous lanky and graceful instructor Soon Kuen (or better known as SK) sits down with us this month to talk about her bucket lists, favourite food (hint, it might be Wagyu steak) and her daughter Zayn! Hi SK! Thanks for sitting down with us for today, let’s start with the usual. How did you …Read More


This month, as we welcome the holiday season, we sit down with the vivacious Julia Jang as she tells us how she learnt to “chope” tables at food centres, her life-long dream of learning to dance, and what she herself will be expecting to welcome in a few months! Hi Julie, thanks for taking the …Read More

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